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Big fruit, late-mature, be able to bear or endure peach of lay aside new breed
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Yu Xigong is sweet (denominate of of short duration) it is Henan science and technology university forest institute makes variety of female parent, place at using Wan Gongmi 1996 the mixture pollen of peach of winter of Xian Hemei county will do Yo of male parent cross in August. Fruit is great, the circle is globose, average sheet weighs 350g if really, fructification positive aspect shows rosy scene, beautiful, the flesh is qualitative close, smell is sweet, sticky nucleus, hardness is big. Fight it is good to go against a gender, did not crack phenomenon of fruit, premature drop, fructification in September the middle ten days of a month matures, meeting the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day, market prospect is good. Reach its breed character now help advance somebody's career technical introduction is as follows.

1 main character

1.1 botanical features

In establishing system big, hemicycle of nature of crown of a tree, tree appearance opens business partly, lay wine of vimineous positive aspect 1 year, new tip green, positive aspect has blush, between the section average long 2.3cm, blade narrow wraps around needle form, apex gradually pointed, wedge of foliaceous radical narrow, fretsaw of foliaceous predestined relationship ages, xie Se is deep green, average lamina 18cm, wide 4cm. Nectary 2 ~ 4, kidney form. Flower rose form, leaf is pink.

Character of 1.2 fructification economy

Fructification circle is globose, fruit is orderly, average sheet weighs the 350g, biggest 500g if really. Fruit is very small sunken, sutural shallow and apparent, half two more symmetrical. Peel impression Huang Bai is lubricious, fruit face is worn rosy color, fluff is rare short. Peel is thin, be over ripe hind easy come off. Pulp is ivory, have gules element hypodermically (deposit or defer is collected close, gules element increases) , close nucleus place is cardinal. Pulp hard solute, juice is much, fragile sweet goluptious, have small sweet, fiber is little, content of content of solubility solid form 16% ~ 17% . Sticky nucleus, can feed rate 96% .

1.3 grown junction fruit are characteristic

Tree situation is able-bodied, give birth to tree tall 2.5m 5 years, coronal 3.0m×2.5m, do diameter 10.5cm, new tip grows 75cm on average. Budding strength is moderate, cheng Zhili is strong, in growing short fruit-bearing shoot all but result. Bud of short fruit-bearing shoot is initiative section it is the 1st, bud of the fruit-bearing shoot in growing is initiative section for the 2nd ~ 3. Answer bud is much, the fruit-bearing shoot with long 20cm get on 20 to blossom on average. Cultivated the 2nd year average individual plant produces 5kg, the 3rd year, the 4th year, the 5th year individual plant is produced it is 35kg, 60kg, 75kg respectively.

1.4 content are awaited period

Be in Henan area, leaf bud stirs period for in March the middle ten days of a month, florescence is first by March, fill florescence to be in April the first ten days of a month, florescence 8 ~ 9d (day) . Exhibit Xie Jiwei in April the middle ten days of a month, new tip is mushroom period for in April the last ten-day of a month. Fructification begins rapid expand the 1st times at the middle ten days of a month on May, in August the middle ten days of a month comes expand begins the 2nd times at the beginning of September, fruit of periphery of crown of a tree of the first ten days of a month is completely chromatic in September, fruit of the chamber inside the middle ten days of a month is chromatic in September, fructification is mature, gains growth period 160 ~ 170d (day) . Deciduous leaf period is in November the middle ten days of a month.
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