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Use corn variety especially
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Using corn especially is the variety of suits special purpose high grade corn that breeds according to different need, have the characteristic such as special sex, high grade sex, efficient sex.

Current, what home breeds a batch to have promotion application value in succession is special with corn breed, main component is 8 big kinds:

1. Sweet corn branch is average sweet corn and exceed sweet corn, basically use at delicacy to feed with quick-freeze. Its characteristic is: Sweet degree tall, common sweet corn is sweet spend 2.5 times what be common corn about, exceed sweet of corn sweet degree be general watermelon 2 times much; Peel is tender, flavour takes glutinous sex, dainty sex is good, already but delicacy is fed, but quick-freeze lasts, still can make can. Straw is feed of high grade silage. Breed has what Chinese agriculture college breeds to strengthen model super- sweet corn “ is sweet the “ ferry that courtyard of division of 8 ” , Tianjin farming breeds sheet is little a ” .

2. Glutinous corn basically is used at delicacy to feed. Its characteristic is: Compare with common corn photograph, glutinous sex is strong, sticky soft faint scent, Gan Tian dainty, local color is distinctive. Straw can make feed of high grade silage. The glutinous in the “ that courtyard of division of 6 ” , China farming breeds the “ smoke glutinous that breed has courtyard of Shandong Yantai farming division to breed the “ that collaboration of courtyard of farming division of company of seed of Chi Feng city and Shandong breeds a ” , Inner Mongolia rash glutinous corn a ” .

3. Tall oily corn basically regards industrial chemicals and treatment as edible. Oil content of bead of seed of tall oily corn is as high as 8% ~ 9% , control 1 times higher than common corn. Especially rate of acid of corn oily oiliness, linoleic acid is high, nutrition is rich, have better sanitarian function to human body. The 115” of “ tall oil that breed has Chinese agriculture college to breed.

4. Tall lysine corn calls high protein corn, tall nutrition corn again. Acid content of the lysine in its seed bead, lubricious ammonia compares common corn tower above 1 times above. Nutrition is rich, quality is good, can make high grade provision, also can regard cultivate as the high grade concentrated feed of birds. 3880” of the sheet in 9409” of the sheet in the “ that courtyard of division of the 203” of “ Lu Chan that breed has courtyard of Shandong farming division to breed, China farming breeds and “ .

5. Tall amylaceous corn basically is used at medical industry. Amylaceous content prep above is common in its seed bead corn, it is the important raw material of production antibiotic. Breed has Jilin the “ of 4 high amylaceous variety that make the same score farming division place to breed 4 sheet 19 ” .

6. Bamboo shoot uses corn corn young spic calls corn bamboo shoot, basically do dish to use. Its characteristic is: Much spic of only individual plant, spic of knot of general sheet individual plant 4 ~ 6, its spic is ringing and goluptious, nutrition is rich, for high-grade dish. The “ that breed has Chinese agriculture college to breed is sweet the “ that academy of sciences of aricultural of bamboo shoot 101” , Beijing breeds is sweet bamboo shoot is miscellaneous the “ Lu Sunyu that courtyard of division of 4 ” , Yantai farming breeds a ” .
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