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Take off poisonous potato breed: "Can arrange 88" brief introduction
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The meeting is suitable 88 - it is meeting lustre county center of farming ability promotion is introduced, become via taking off poisonous breed. Experiment of much dot of this breed classics, set an example, yield is high, character actor, belong to second year in high school of division of production of potato of area of half hill above advocate grow variety.

One, breed character plant is controlled 70 centimeters high, individual plant half erect, xie Senong cauline color is green, green violet, compound leaf flocculus of bigger, side 3 - 4 pairs, arrange closer, the flower is purple, bine thick make an appointment with 3cm left and right sides, after emerge give birth to Yo period 125 days or so, belong to late-maturing, written guarantee potato is centered, commodity potato rate is 80% above, potato is long ellipse, reddish skin, yellow flesh, skin expresses stem tuber smooth, eye is shallow and little, commodity performance is good, kind potato rests eye period Mian. Evaporate, boil, burn savour small sweet, dainty sex is good, dry matter content 26% , amylaceous content 20% , reduced sugar content 0.3% , comfortable at machining amylaceous, complete pink, deepfry piece sell with little potato. This breed fights swollen disease of late epidemic disease, cancer.

2, appropriate grows limits cool breed of the short sunshine that this breed is a model and happy event, the spring that rises gradually in sunshine duration cannot written guarantee normally potato, only appropriate at the potato in one season spring sowing advocate produce an area to cultivate, should not be the tenth lunar month helps advance somebody's career breed, this breed is arranged in altitude the area of 2300 meters of above is cultivated, be in in classy fertility Tian Kuai (every mus of farmhouse is fat 1600 kilograms, N, 10 kilograms, P, 40 - 50 kilograms, k, 15 kilograms) preservation of soil moisture 2, mu produce can amount to 3000 kilograms of above.

3, basically help advance somebody's career technology 1, potato of seed selection of essence of life, assure purity, cut geminate bud, break bud sows. 2, cultivate density: This breed plant is lofty, appropriate and suttle. 1.1 meters get offline ridge in a field makes kind of double travel, individual plant row spacing 35 - 50 centimeters, above of every mus of 3800 ponds. 3, fertilization management. (1) base fertilizer, farmhouse of every mus of become thoroughly decomposed is fat 1600 kilograms, general is calcic 40 kilograms, urea 10 kilograms, potassium sulfate 15 kilograms or potato kind compound fertilizer 75 kilograms apply, kind potato is sowed at ionization fertilizer 6 centimeters cover ground. (2) Qi Miao hind weeds in time loosen the soil, seedling height protects a nest 25 centimeters for the first time, before blossomming undertake in time the 2nd times protecting a nest. (3) plant ageing is withered the results after dying.