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Take off poisonous potato breed: "Can arrange 23" brief introduction
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Yunnan provincial capital Yunnan of the seed selection in the cross fact unripe seed that agrotechnical promotion center supplies from international potato center saves lustre county institute of technology of biology of agricultural academy of sciences organizes poisonous Yo to become.

One, breed character fights late epidemic disease, bear period long, potato form is elliptical, flesh is flaxen, cuticular and smooth, eye is medium deep, rest period is brief, dry matter content 22.7% ~ 23.2% , no wonder flavour.

2, appropriate grows limits to behave high yield in area of one season spring sowing, in altitude 2100 meters of right-and-left areas cultivate crop to be able to be arranged to prep above very 88.

3, fabricating characteristics can be used at machining starch. Defect is rest period short, curb bud processing needs when storing up.