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Rape new breed " in oily - 0361 " oil content achieves international new tall
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The oil in the “ of rape new strain that by China oil-bearing crops institute breeds farming division courtyard - 0361” , oil plants of classics Ministry of Agriculture and product quality were supervised recently reach examine test center checks a report to show, rapeseed oil content is as high as 54.72% , become new strain of the wild cabbage with the highest oil content on the world cole.

Place of oil plants of Chinese Academy of Sciences says about chief, this one tall harbour can rape is medium the task group basis that the researcher in oily place Wang Han guides but demand of market of second birth energy, can be worth for breeding target “ to measure a body with tall harbour custom-built ” , use aggregate breeding, lure change the new strain of especially high oil content that technology and breeding of union of photograph of sporule education measure go, kind seed oil content is longer the common cole assortment that river middle reaches shows large area to popularize raises 25% above, mu produce amount to 180 kilograms, petroliferous quantity can amount to every mus 98 kilograms, have “ the good character such as double low ” , qualitative actor, early, disease-resistant, and still have blame turn the advantage of gene.

Rape is our country cultivates the oil-bearing crops with the largest area. If cropland of spare time of 300 million mus of winters grows drainage area of the Yangtse River entirely the oil in “ - 0361” , producible derv of 40 million tons of biology, be equivalent to building ” of oil field of Daqing of 1.5 “ green. The researcher in Wang Han says, the oil in having “ - 0361” this kind of tall harbour can rape breed is done prop up, will conduce to the development that promotes industry of derv of our country biology, can be agriculture to be able to develop continuously, increase farmer income, improvement zoology environment brings positive effect.