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Characteristic earthnut breed
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Black earthnut of 1. black earthnut is our country new bred particular variety, belong to typical basic provision, have the excellent feature of tall Selenium tall Potassium, active material of 20 kinds of when contain human body place to need amino acid and vitamin E, B a group of things with common features and lecithin and Hei Liang. Among them the content of zinc and vitamin E compares other earthnut respectively much 101% , 100% , calcium still is contained in earthnut of every 100 grams 41.5 milligram, magnesian 360 milligram, nutrient composition accords with high index of human body nutrition, the growth that propping human body goes to; of very good action since development respect especially melanin, can hold human body effectively benign loop, be on guard the radiate of visible light and ultraviolet ray, it is the natural cordial of nutrition of compensatory human body, often edible is OK filling kidney of be good at head, black hair is stationed in colour, lung of warm stomach embellish, protect a heart to protect liver, to

A variety of chronic illnesses of old people have effect of very good precautionary health care. This breed bright Shi Zigong, insolation is pitch-black. Plant half erect, individual plant is expensive 40 ~ 45 centimeters, side branch is 50 centimeters long, bear period 130 days, xie Senong is green, blossom continuously, blossom the capacity is much and concentration, 100 fruit weigh 185 grams left and right sides, give benevolence rate 70% , seed benevolence is elliptic, disease resistance of fight a drought is strong, help advance somebody's career method and cardinal principle of this locality earthnut are same, every mus of application rate is controlled 17.5 kilograms, every mus of crop can amount to 400 kilograms. Use ground film to enclothe crop taller. 2. Earthnut of seed coat of white of earthnut of characteristic white bead is very infrequent. White bead earthnut is the new breed that expert of breeding of our country earthnut breeds, passed appraisal in August 2000, belong to domestic head to list. White bead earthnut is belonged to in ripe, medium fruit breed, bear period 135 days, pod of individual plant erect, knot is centered, individual plant is 45 centimeters expensive, ramose 8 ~ 10, blossom continuously, plant grows rapid, fructification later period is contented fast. Rate is taller, full as a result it is better to spend, 100 fruit weigh 187 grams, 100 benevolence weigh 70.8 grams, give benevolence rate 75% , seed coat is snow-white, commodity sex is good. According to assay analysis, protein content is as high as 31.2% , oil content is as high as 51.4% , peanut oil and nutlet treatment have good development value into recreational food respect, have better development prospect. The experiment proves this breed has sex of stronger fight a drought and disease resistance, comfortable help advance somebody's career at the sandy loam of medium above fertility, in black hill county mu produce can amount to 350 kilograms.

3. 4 red this breed individual plant is 60 centimeters expensive, ramose much, half erect, in ripe, 100 fruit weigh 250 grams, 4 benevolence fruit occupy 3 ~ 98% . Vermeil or bead benevolence is pink, kind the gender is stable, reserve seed for planting of actor of choosing of in successive years is done kind do not degrade, every mus sow want kind of fruit 13 kilograms. Fight go against breed of common earthnut of gender and character excel home, crop stability prep above is common earthnut breed. Bear period 125 days, general mu produce 400 kilograms or so, commodity sex is good, welcome by consumer. Use ground film to enclothe help advance somebody's career yield is higher.
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