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The expert is analytic melon kind new breed -- " chop melon " it is pumpkin muta
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Our newspaper reported a few days ago can follow eat along with chop, rapid reborn melon kind the news that new breed ——“ cuts melon ” to breed a success in Tianjin city. A lot of readers in succession the incoming telegram seeks advice, the hope understands this kind of strange melon that has capacity of extremely strong self-healing further. For this, the reporter interviewed institute of fruiter of forestry of courtyard of city farming division to concern an expert.

The expert Wang Shufa that cultivates research according to ever was engaged in “ for a long time chopping melon ” introduces, chopping melon is cucurbitaceous pumpkin, belong to a mutation of Chinese pumpkin. Its grow character and grow a technology, basic and as identical as common pumpkin, not tall to requirement of environment, soil, chun Xiajun can be cultivated, every melon seedlings can written guarantee 2 to 4 melon, every melon is long 0.9 reach 1.7 meters, heavy 6 reach 9 kilograms.

According to introducing, chop melon to be able to chop second birth, because it contains many plant heal element,be, this kind of composition can quicken cut to restore. Actually, common pumpkin also has certain self-healing capacity, but as a result of its content of plant heal element chops melon to want to be gotten less relatively much, the effect is not accordingly apparent.

“ course relapses experiment, no matter have stuffing, fried dish,chop melon, still do boiling water, taste is good. ” Wang Shufa says, “ is the most commendable is, quality of food of classics Ministry of Agriculture is supervised detect the center determines, it contains human body oneself cannot complex 8 kinds of amino acid and rich vitamin C, have fair officinal value. ”