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Execute " produce brand and geographical mark " wait for famous brand strategy t
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Premier of Home Wen treasure is in eleventh in the governmental working report on conference of first time of countrywide National People's Congress, point out when the achievement that reviews the past 5 years, “ we from strengthen agricultural base proceed with, add stimulative grain increase production and farmer close to be first job, one system is adopted to weigh big move in system, policy and devoted respect. Mechanism of various and industrial and commercial administration carries out ” whole nation seriously fulfil this one requirement, apply the famous brand strategy such as “ produce brand and geographical mark ” actively to promote a farmer to add close, stimulative agriculture develops, obtained apparent effect.

Our country with a vast territory, the diversity of geographical environment, climate environment, and long Nong Gengwen bright history, decide our country has numerous geographical mark product. Especially the geographical condition of impoverished area and climate condition are compared relatively complex, fashion a lot of distinctive geographical mark products, these products are the source of main significant perhaps income of local farmer. In the process that develops agricultural characteristic economy, through registering produce brand and geographical mark, be helpful for cultivating local dominant industry, form district brand, the systematism rate that can raise a farmer to enter the market not only and agriculture are integrated benefit, and the additional cost that can raise produce, increase the income of the farmer effectively thereby, the development of stimulative rural economics.

Basis " trademark law " , " trademark law carries out byelaw " regulation, in recent years, the country is industrial and commercial total bureau applies for geographical mark to eliminate alone, accelerate examine. Mixed 2006 only registered geographical mark two years 163 years 2007, was 2005 1.2 times what countrywide geography mark registers gross before the bottom. Up to by 2007, mark of our country geography registers gross to already amounted to 301. In the meantime, mechanism of various and industrial and commercial administration increases pair of experience farming trade mark ceaselessly (especially brand of seed, chemical fertilizer, Agricultural Machinery and Implement) protective strength, severity hits illegal small retailer hole farming is killed farming brand tort behavior, purify farming endowment the market, the legitimate rights and interests that effectively safeguarded produce brand and geographical mark to register person, broad farmer and rural economics organization. Up to now, in the country industrial and commercial total bureau basis " trademark law " in 1234 when already maintained well-known logo, experience produce brand has 290, geographical mark has 14. Promote Pan Jin of ” of yellow rice or millet wine, “ like carry on of ” of “ Anxi a variety of oolong tea, “ peaceful of rice ” , “ and black chicken ” .
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