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Shi Zhuanwen of total economy of Ministry of Agriculture: Lian of Yi Ganchen Zou
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Since last year, global grain price is climbed quickly litre, domestic grain price also has certain level to rise, commissariat price issue makes the central point that pays close attention to generally domestic and internationally. Understand problem of price of our country commissariat thorough analysis, correctly, proper measure is adopted to try on the foundation here reasonable guiding, very necessary.

Value of our country commissariat is relatively basic and smooth, inferior

Supply hasten with global grain market close, stock falls, price violent wind rises those who form bright contrast is, in last few years production of our country grain grows continuously, inventory is abundant, market price style is basic and smooth and maintain in relatively inferior level. Compare with the history, price of our country commissariat lasts after reaching level sex peak 1995 drop, wander in cereal bottom from beginning to end at the beginning of this century, ability begins to restore a gender to rise after 2003, but still did not achieve the history up to now top level. If market price of round-grained nonglutinous rice, wheaten 1995, corn is 0.93 yuan respectively / jin, 0.84 yuan / jin, 0.79 yuan / jin, nominal price was 0.91 yuan respectively 2007 / jin, 0.76 yuan / jin mix 0.74 yuan / jin. Compare with other agriculture products, partial produce price rises more quickly, the value with commissariat is greater than pulling. If grain price compares original pig to be in commonly,1 fluctuation of 5.5 ∶ fluctuates, and this one scale is shown all the time since last year enlarge a trend, achieved 9.41 ∶ this year in January 1. Compare with international, since last year global grain price all the way violent wind rises, and price of our country grain rises relatively gentle. 2007 international market wheat, corn, soja all price rises respectively compared to the same period 58.2% , 44.4% with 45.9% , and price of domestic wheat, corn, soja rises only compared to the same period 7.8% , 16.7% with 16.5% . Enter 2008, world commissariat price rises situation is more than, to March price of international market wheat, corn, soja, rice is the same as score not to rise 137.5% , 36.4% , 79.2% , 66.6% , and price of grain of home of the corresponding period rises only 6.8% .

Commissariat price made important contribution smoothly to achieve goal of macroscopical adjusting control

Since reforming and opening a few of our country happening relatively serious inflation, accompanying the insecurity of main produce supply and demand such as commissariat, price to rise considerably every time. Historical fact proves, commissariat price runs medium fundamental sex price as our country economy, move to having very main effect to social whole price level and even macroscopical economy. Those who be worth to rejoice is, decisive measure is adopted to give aid to commissariat is produced in the center of 2004, in those days grain crop is compared go up year of increase production 77.5 billion jins, make grain price rose 2005 than going up year considerably fall after a rise 24.8 percent, CPI goes up also because of this slow down. After this, continue to increase in the center of give aid to strength, the ability of main produce available supply such as commissariat rises ceaselessly, the price maintains relative stability, this is become 2005, CPI maintained the main factor in 2% less than two years continuously 2006. Last year since second half of the year although our country CPI goes up every months all be in 5% above, but main reason is the flesh kind go up with cooking oil price bigger, and price of commissariat of the corresponding period is relatively stable. If come without a few years commissariat is successive increase production, stabilize basically without commissariat price, the extent that CPI rises since last year will bigger, the difficulty of the target of macroscopical adjusting control that raises in the center of implementation will bigger.
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