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The family manages development to need standard of land comfortable metric
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The main body of agriculture of country of the great majority on the world manages a form is the family is managed, namely ” of “ family farm. Our country has 250 million, door all land operation is less than 0.5 hectare, the dimensions that the family manages not only be less than country of America, Europe far, also be less than Japan and Korea, be inferior to the India with high proportion of population of population big country, agriculture even. The domestic farm dimensions of Japan, Korea is in 1 hectare above, and concentration is connected piece, domestic farm dimensions of the United States is in 10 hectare above, dimensions is in greatly 100 hectare above. The United States is with bigger domestic operation, add a government support energetically and good society serves, in order to be less than the whole world the farmland of 7% , in order to be less than the whole nation the agricultural population of 2% , production goes out hold world agriculture total production value the produce of 12.6% , satisfied homeland not only the food need of 290 million population, still have the produce export of 2/3.

The practice that the world develops contemporary agriculture and the history with agricultural transitional system had proved: Convenient land system and modest operation, it is the premise that contemporary agriculture develops and foundation, also be the dot that the reality of the route that takes modernization of Chinese characteristic agriculture starts at the same time.

The overall condition that our country land is on the move

It is land is on the move had certain development, develop with region economy degree, town changes a level to have stronger dependency. Research center of development of the State Council was in 2006 investigation of 2749 villages of countrywide, majority is had to rent by investigation village land phenomenon, scale is amounted to 79.3% , average the scale of rental land farmer is every village 20.2% . Investigate statistic according to the Ministry of Agriculture, countrywide country land was on the move 2006 area fifty-five million five hundred and twelve thousand mus, occupy a family to contract 4.57% of farmland area. 2 it is land is on the move to be given priority to with be on the move inside the village, of the village outside be on the move less. In the farmer that produces land to be on the move, the farmer of 63.8% contracts him management land was on the move entirely this village villager, the medium, scale western is apparent prep above the eastpart part. 3 it is land sheds relet gold to have apparent district sex and year after year is climbed litre. Expand research center investigation according to the State Council, investigation village land shed relet gold to be 293 yuan on average 2006 / mu, province of ministry of its middle east is 417 yuan on average / mu, mid province is 185 yuan / mu, province is 171 yuan western / mu, hire of area of golden hill of the city of Suzhou of Jiangsu of the eastpart part that economy developeds, Shanghai is taller, every mus amount to 595 yuan to mix 468 yuan respectively. 4 it is land is on the move means diversification but be in the majority with be on the move directly between farmer.
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