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Farming land reform releases larger institution energy
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30 years farming land system gains huge success
Set sth afoot at 20 centuries the couplet of family of Chinese country land of 70 time end is produced contract make, aroused the manufacturing enthusiasm of broad farmer greatly, make agricultural increase production, the farmer is added close, the country develops. Data shows, 1978—1984 year, chinese agriculture yields average and annual carried the growth rate of 7.7% . 1984 with compared 1978, agricultural total production value increased with changeless price computation 42.23% , according to manufacturing function estimation, among them about the half comes from domestic couplet produce contract make those who reform brought productivity rise. If react function estimates in order to produce, the contribution that reform of rural economics system increases to agriculture is 42.2% , the contribution that raise price is 16.0% . Domestic couplet is produced contract when the system regards China as the farmer great pioneering work, it greeted the ” of “ gold period that Chinese agriculture grows not only, and the problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill that solved on 100 million people inside very short time. The sheer quantity of rural impoverished population drops from 250 million person 130 million person, poor occurence rate from 30.7% drop 15.1% , become the mankind to eliminate a miracle on impoverished history. In the meantime, it makes whole China entered period of reforming and opening. Should say, chinese farmer finished a work to start Chinese reforming and opening to stand.

The family contracts system of job responsibility innovates as a system, ground of impossible get sth done once and for ever solves agriculture to increase medium whole issue. Study a perspective from theory so, put the historical limitation that be in in the light of system of active country land, the author thinks to deepen reform to release bigger system energy is hasten of general trends place, put forward 6 respects to perfect a proposal for this.

Perfect 6 respects, can release bigger system energy

Perfect collective land ownership. Contract according to constitution and land management method and land law, the villager has some land to collective place, both neither can be betrayed, also cannot make over, even if the rural collective construction that accords with a program uses the land, also cannot use at estate development and guaranty. Ownership of this kind of collective land, repelled villager collective is in the city is changed and in industrialized process, turn to farming ground used own hegemony and the bargain authority in the process that ask for the ground, eliminated a farmer to share industrialization and city thereby the right of Hua Jingfu benefit, cause number with the farmer of ten million plan is in lose land while, did not obtain corresponding blame farming obtain employment post and social security, do not have translate into townsman more.

Make clear principal part of collective land ownership. Above all, government of villages and towns is national office, a lot of villages and towns do not have collective economy organization again, after all who is countryside (town) delegate of ownership of rural collective land is punch-drunk also; Next, although villager group is a foundation, but do not have legal position, 2 without economic accounting form, 3 without office spot, some grows even the group to also be done not have even, combine choose by each when anything crops up a delegate. Below this kind of circumstance, by who does land ownership come exercise? How exercise?
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