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Chen Xiwen: The farmer is versed in flow brings good luck and challenge for soci
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Phenomenon of peasant worker worker is our country history not only go up, also be the world a very special appearance. The farmer that we tell is versed in, include those to cross an area to go out already the farmer that Wu is versed in, also include to reside the farmer that Wu of dwelling place town enterprise is versed in in ancestral home. Current, worker worker of our country peasant is a very giant group. The 2nd times result of countrywide agriculture census shows, 2006, the country goes out to amount to one hundred and thirty-one million eight hundred and ten thousand person from worker worker of peasant of course of study, occupy gross of rural labor natural resources 25% the left and right sides. If consider what pursue blame farming estate in this locality again about 10 thousand countries of 8000-9000 labour force, the rural labor quantity that changes obtain employment of blame farming branch is in 2.1-2.2 hundred million, already exceeded 40% of gross of rural labor natural resources.

Last centuries begin 80 years, the farmer is engaged in the phenomenon of a variety of economy activities increasing quickly, appear stage by stage piece cross the industry, feature that crosses region. The whole nation crossed the farmer project that saves flow to be 22 million person about 1993, grew 2.14 than 1989 times, the proportion of the flow that cross a province is achieved 35.5% , rose than 1989 12.5 percent. Change to get used to this, the limitation that is aimed at farmer flow obtain employment relaxes stage by stage in the center of. Especially since 2004, the farmer goes out the policy environment of obtain employment gets great improvement. Go out the 132 million person that amount of obtain employment farmer adds to 2006 from the about 2 million person 1983, grew nearly 66 23 years times, year all grow 20% to control.

The move obtain employment of the farmer made great contribution for the development of national economy. According to world bank the estimation 1997, in 1978-1995 year gross domestic product is average year in increasing 9.4 percent, the contribution that labor department transfers occupies 1.5 percent. As go out to increase of Wu work staff quickly, of salary standard those who rise to ensure a mechanism with salary is perfect, the farmer goes out Wu industry income also increases quickly. Secure the data of point of observation according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the country went out 2007 obtain employment labour force is mean monthly salary standard is 1060 yuan, than going up year increase 102 yuan, become the main force that drives farmer income to increase. Besides economic income, go out Wu labour farmer still was acquired a large number of technologies and manage the experience that waits for a respect, extended eye shot, increased the development capacity of oneself.

But on the whole, the obtain employment condition that the farmer is versed in and environment still need to continue to improve. It is many rural the rest labor still did not find equal obtain employment opportunity. Current, rural labor natural resources exceeds 500 million person, in personnel of town enterprise obtain employment 148 million, go out obtain employment 132 million, deduct duplicate computational part, estimation is not number of agricultural labour force to be 210 million person. Crude guess, agriculture needs able-bodied person 180 million person. Still 100 million above is in underemployment condition. Accordingly, the obtain employment pressure of rural labor is very great still. 2 it is salary standard apparent on the low side. Go into town Wu labour farmer is in obtain employment extreme, what work for the most part is the dirtiest, the tireddest work, but their salary standard greatly under town census register from personnel of course of study. 2007, average wage is worker of on guard of countrywide town unit 24932 yuan, mean monthly salary standard is 2078 yuan, than going into town Wu is versed in farmer tower above is one times closer. And quite peasant worker worker of the amount still is faced with with labour on the low side of standard of non-standard, salary is defaulted possibly even, children goes to school and lack of difficulty of go to a doctor, social security, living condition is very poor wait for a series of problems. Of the 3 social government services that are peasant worker worker and legitimate rights and interests safeguard strengthen further urgently. In recent years, as go into town the obtain employment camp that Wu is versed in is reduced apparently, go out Wu work environment is improved greatly. But, they still are in social brim condition, in blend in town society and citizen politics to participate in wait for a respect to still be restricted apparently.
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