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Attestation of GAP of executive milk cow is the mark that implementation breed a
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The author is engaged in milk cow job of attestation of good agriculture standard is close already 4 years, adopt practice, have certain knowledge to good agriculture standard.

1997 working group of European shopkeeper produce (EUREP) raised standard of “ good agriculture below the advocacy of shopkeeper (GoodAgriculturalPractices, abbreviation GAP)” , abbreviation is EUREPGAP. EUREP secretariat developed EUREPGAP standard cloth to grandfather first 2001. EUREPGAP standard basically cultivates course of study and aquaculture in the light of what primary produce produces, be made respectively and implement respective operation standard, encourage decrease agricultural of chemical and medicines and chemical reagents use, make sure primary produce produces safe quality, the system of standard of a complete set of that forms the health that pays close attention to animal welfare, environmental protection, worker, safety and welfare, promote the new idea with trends management, successive, perfect ego. GAP content is in order to endanger analysis and process reference point (good agriculture produces behavior and condition related regulation of similar HACCP) form, gift adequately the new concept that can develop continuously and improves ceaselessly, avoid to produce the serious pollution that is pledged in the process by exotic and harm in produce, reflect adequately with the social responsibility that perform a business or organizes.

After our country joins World Trade Organization, GAP attestation becomes a of produce imports and exports fundamental condition, the product that carries GAP attestation will have stronger competition ability on domestic and international market. This standard divides a module content to basically involve land for growing field crops to make species establish, fruit and vegetable plant each birds of establish, cultivate breeds, birds of breed aquatics of flocks and herds, milk cow breed aquatics, live pig breed aquatics, fowl breed aquatics, cultivate the each agriculture domain such as highway transportation.

GAP of the medicinal material in our country Ministry of Public Health was made 2003 and releasing “ produces pilot attestation to check assess method ” , the medicinal material in be opposite as Chinese government produces constituent control to ask. National attestation approved supervisory management committee in April 2003 (abbreviation country adopts inspect appoint) put forward to build system of ” of standard of “ good agriculture in fountainhead of chain of our country food first. Through two years of much effort, in the society each (the country adopts inspect appoint, national level appoint, place of courtyard of scientific research of association of trade of milk of quarantine bureau and quarantine courtyard, China, agriculture) give full cooperation to fall with support, the country carried out GB/T20014-2005 formally in May 2006 " good agriculture standard " , standard of good agriculture of the our country that start (GAP) attestation works.
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