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With when the master piece of high-quality goods of Chinese cotton economy that
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Pily all through the ages is a country important strategical goods and materials, pily industry holds the balance to the national economy and the people's livelihood, pily economy is right firm border promote border hold the balance, pily production holds the balance to farmer income. Height of all through the ages of Party Committee of all levels, government values the Party Central Committee, the State Council and division of produce and sale pily industry, long-term since, especially since reforming and opening, published a series of policy policy in succession, effectively promoted cotton to produce progress, advanced cotton current system reform, enhanced the integral quality of Chinese cotton industry and international competition ability.

What need to point out however is, 1998—2006 year during, sign of entrance of the cotton outside because breach of pily supply and demand expands increasingly,be being mixed is fierce, pily production and price of purchase and sale appear continuously the acuteness wave motion between year, affect the economic benefits of the establish cotton accrual of cotton grower and operator directly not only, affect what cotton produces to be able to develop continuously, and the enthusiasm that hits production of government yield a division and cotton of broad farmer development directly. Through a variety of effort, although the difficulty that pily industry faces and problem have alleviate certainly, but far still did not get be settlemented at all. Height pays close attention to problem of safety of national cotton industry, eliminate safe hidden danger in time, make health of Chinese cotton industry, steadily, develop continuously, already extremely urgent.

Country of Ministry of Agriculture develops a research center to involve Rui Jie's researcher, pursue agriculture and rural economics research for a long time, it is a learned man that has contribution quite. This comrade in August 2005 —2008 year in July, as the 5th batch of central aid border cadre, by ministry of organization of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Ministry of Agriculture the clique goes to municipal agriculture hall, hold the position of member of leading Party group, deputy hall to grow, strong sense of responsibility and mission feeling make like that, those who pass nearly 3 years is all-around actual survey, whole world of whole nation of Xinjiang of his base oneself upon, consideration, scan widely, on the foundation that just faces Xinjiang cotton to develop the strategy to undertake innovating study from 10 in all-around, much angle, broad view, compose write newly " Xinjiang and safety of national cotton industry " , already published formally by Chinese agriculture press recently. This book will help wide readership understand Xinjiang cotton to produce the basic trend in new period, the past that understands thoroughly policy of Chinese cotton industry, mix now future, hold world cotton to produce want metabolic state, it is home's scarce in recent years data new, data new, viewpoint the large special subject of the strategy of concerned cotton development with strong sex of big, operation studies new, capacity achievement, in having coachinging and applying at developing practice, healthy to pily industry progress and policy are adjusted provided important advisory service.
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