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About China Agricultural University Urban and Rural Development Discussion
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The evening of November 7, Party Secretary Zhang will serve as China Central Television, "Rural character" selection of candidates, into the China Agricultural University, and students face to face, share and explore the urban and rural development outcomes. Activities, Zhang will focus on "creating 'Wah Ming mode', to explore urban and rural development" theme, guests and students to the presence of Dongli District, introduced the implementation of the "homestead wards" to promote the innovative mode of small towns , Urban and Rural Development to share with you the results. Zhang will say, "Wah Ming model" off the land by intensive, unified development of modern agriculture so that farmers become a salary, money paid for shares, rents, security payments, "four gold" farmers, efforts to achieve economic growth and interaction of increasing peasant incomes, urbanization, and positive interaction between the new rural construction, and in Shanghai one of the highlights at the Expo. When the students heard of Dongli District to accelerate the construction of small towns, promoting urban and rural, has a new "four, five six" development plan, prepare new town in five years time to fully complete the construction, building one after another small towns, the audience responded with warm applause. Students have raised their hands to ask questions, showed the "Wah Ming model" interest. "Rural character" observers of "Wah-ming model" gave a high evaluation. CCTV annual "Rural People" promotion activities of the CCTV program to build the brand of agricultural activities, from CCTV "together three rural" part contractors. To "focus on the process of agriculture, Comment newsmaker" as the theme of "responsibility, conscience, innovation, influence, and driving force" to promote the standard, is the only one for television, "three rural" areas of the typical characters for large-scale publicity and promotion activities. "CCTV2010 Top Ten Rural People" will be January 15, 2011 announced the award ceremony live.