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Science " the magazine publishs Chinese scientist to turning the research achiev
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United States of journal of international authority science " science " the magazine published the researcher such as Wu Kongming of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences 19 days to concern with the form of cover article turn the achievement of a scientific research of gene cotton.

Director of key laboratory of state of biology of plant diseases and insect pests of director of institute of protection of plant of courtyard of Chinese farming division, plant Dr. Wu Kongming leads his group, spent time of nearly 10 years, mix with much data

Test result proves, the B t that cultivates extensively in China turns gene cotton besides can him “ kills bug ” besides, the crop that still can protect periphery is avoided suffer harm of cotton boll bug, have the implicative effect of ” of “ benefit one party quite.

B t cotton is one kind has what B t reduces bug capacity to turn gene cotton. B t is Su Yun of ——“ of bacili of a kind of soil the abbreviate of ” of bacili of Jin Ya Bao, the formation of this kind of bacterium in gemma can produce a kind to have the crystal egg white that kills bug active very high in the process, in last few years gene of clone B t already was turned into the plant, make the plant has the same capacity that kill insect, also can say plant itself became his “ insecticide ” .

According to researcher introduction, at present China passes through to blend B t cotton with a variety of crop quite cultivate, produce drug-fast odds in order to reduce cotton boll bug to B t cotton. On other and circumjacent crop the cotton boll bug of parasitism is met migratory lay eggs to B t cotton, larval if this kind of cotton meets edible,die with imago. If the cotton boll bug that lives for a long time on B t cotton produces resistance to the action of a drug, it and edible are other the cotton boll bug of crop is copulatory the larva of generation is drug-fast the bring down, still can be killed by B t cotton.

Wu Kongming says: “ this is to turn a when action of environment of state of gene cotton opposite studies new discovery, at the same time much to China crop mixes cultivate a system to consider to also have important sense. ”

Study data makes clear, chinese farmer cultivates B t to turn after gene cotton, the amount of cotton boll bug is being shown decrease, pily crop increased 15 % - 20 % , pesticide dosage reduces 50 % above, because spray,the zoology pollution that pesticide causes decreases greatly, the cotton grower that also makes those toxic as a result of gush pesticide loosened at a heat.

Wu Kongming says, their research only then 1997, china is commercialized at that time cultivate turn gene cotton just begins, last to 2007 all the time. Research enclothed north Shandong of 6 provinces —— , Heibei, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shaanxi, of about 38 million hectare turn gene cotton field.
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