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Cloud computing was first introduced in agricultural information should also jum
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November 20, by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly organized with the "2010 Information Science and Modern Agriculture Expo" in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center officially opened. When reporters visited learned by the Shandong Provincial Agriculture Department and a leading IT vendors to build the wave of the Group's Shandong Province, "McKinnon" a provincial information platform system, a highlight of the current Agricultural Fair. It is reported that the project is the field of agricultural information in China was first introduced Into cloud computing, for the national agricultural information has provided a new building ideas. According to reports, Shandong "Gold Farmers" project will initially Shandong Agricultural e-government system framework, designed to enhance the agricultural sector of economic regulation, market supervision and public service capacity. The "gold farming" an item is gold The most critical first step of agricultural engineering, the core is to build a comprehensive agricultural management and information service platform, will host agricultural monitoring and early warning systems, agricultural products and agricultural production materials market supervision information system, the rural market And technology information service these three systems, data management and agricultural information to provide data services, "central nervous system", plays the key role of linking the role of business connectivity. Platform for on-line business after facing pressure not only extremely arduous, and taking into account the weak infrastructure of agricultural information and is a step by step, the new business model on-line before the actual system can not accurately forecast and make regular Deployment time there is great uncertainty, so the overall design to be more forward-looking platform, it is necessary to meet the immediate but also on the future. The traditional "first dispersed concentration", "After the first isolation of connectivity," "After the first rigid Transformation "of the construction ideas, is bound to result in high construction costs and waste of resources, but also to the future expansion of unnecessary trouble to upgrade. In-depth understanding of customer needs, the wave of cloud computing is proposed solutions, application, establish a unified database, and on this basis, the deployment of various applications to ensure data integration and sharing of resources, the hardware aspects of building Establish a unified platform for dynamic resources, all applications sharing a single resource pool, database systems and more than 30 applications are deployed in the cloud platform. The program is very fit Agricultural Engineering, Shandong Gold entire first phase of construction Body of ideas, not only to meet current business needs as the goal, to achieve the unity of the underlying hardware and resource pooling, optimized architecture enables the integration of applications and services, management more simple, and take full account of future business expansion Development, can adapt to new business, new applications to bring the system change. Agricultural Fair in the industry to participate after they spoke highly of the visit: Shandong "gold farming" and the wave of the provincial system of cooperation, abandoned the rigid, dogmatic "one machine to one with" the construction of models, innovative use of just Hing From the cloud computing technology to build integrated, green, agricultural facility provides a great information reference model of development. " The smooth implementation of cloud computing is the development of agricultural information in Shandong Province to lay a solid foundation, but also for the economic takeoff of Agriculture, Shandong Province to provide the impetus. Provided by the wave of cloud computing solutions and innovative, to the Shandong Agriculture Business Office saves a lot of equipment purchase costs and electricity, the system resource utilization increase from 10% to 40%, significantly improved the efficiency of information technology. More importantly, since the implementation of the project, economic and social benefits increasingly obvious , Due to the effective production and operation to avoid the blindness and convergence, the operator for the production of annual economic losses, while McKinnon implementation of the project to effectively address the problem of difficulty in selling agricultural products, and the question of asymmetric information Problems, increasing peasant income, bring direct economic benefits to farmers.