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Ill seminar of etc protein poisonous substance is in disease of mad ox of area o
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This net dispatch in September 23-25 day, world animal sanitation is organized (OIE) , Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held “ in Qingdao jointly with Chinese animal sanitation and epidemiology center mad ox of area of the 3rd Asia-Pacific is ill (BSE) ” of ill seminar of etc protein poisonous substance. Official of contact of area of Asia-Pacific of alternate of OIE Asia-Pacific area, FAO, 8 countries such as China, Japan, Korea are represented more than times 50 in all attended the meeting.

Bureau of vet of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Chinese animal sanitation and delegate of epidemiology center clique attend the meeting. Chinese delegate points out, chinese height takes mad ox disease seriously to prevent control the job, the Ministry of Agriculture is imported through taking strict animal and product of animal source sex jointly with concerned branch examine and approve and use government, strengthen mad ox disease and other protein poison body disease is monitored, strengthen the comprehensive measure such as technical reserve, the introduction that prevented mad ox disease effectively and happen. Mad ox disease is endangered serious, prevent accuse difficulty big, interpretation of the cause of genetic, hair manages and the problem such as transmission way is clear about not completely still, the whole world is prevented effectively accuse and eradicate thoroughly mad ox disease still faces very big challenge, couplet of close cooperation, joint defence controls need each country. Chinese general reachs disease of protein poisonous substance as always to prevent to drive disease of global mad ox accuse to make positive contribution.

Conference development analysed disease of global mad ox disease of etc protein poisonous substance is prevented accused situation, system to introduce disease of OIE mad ox risk attestation standard, the key discussed protein poison the body diagnostic technology, mechanism that cause disease and epidemiology research progress. Each country ginseng met a representing report defect of homeland mad ox disease of etc protein poisonous substance monitors a situation. The conference still arranged newest protein poisonous substance to diagnose a technology to demonstrate to breed base spot to make an on-the-spot investigation with modern milk cow quickly wait for an activity. Delegate attending the meeting thinks consistently, the conference promoted Asia-Pacific area BSE to prevent accuse technical cooperation, made clear working group of BSE of production of animal of OIE/FAO Asia-Pacific area and animal sanitation committee next working keys, put forward to edit OIE suggests about the rationalize of BSE standard, will drive Asia-Pacific area and even global BSE to prevent further those who control the job is effective begin.
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