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Total bureau of national qualitative check: Look forward to of many 700 eligible
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The reporter pledges from the country check total bureau learns 21 days, qualitative check total bureau was received 21 days come from countrywide each district the quality acceptance book of enterprise of many 700 dairy produce. As we have learned, after these enterprises all happen for incident of milk powder of 3 deer infant, dairy produce quality inspection produces a business eligibly entirely.

These industries express in quality acceptance book, will abide by a country strictly to concern legal laws and regulations, sincere letter is managed, hang down model self-discipline, make sure dairy produce quality is safe, bear enterprise society responsibility; Put an end to and disgustful adulteration makes false, shoddy, with pretend to be true. From breed domestic animals, crowded receive treatment of raw milk, milk products, routine inspection test, sale to carry whole process to carry out rigorous management, raw milk and dairy produce approve batch of tightened inspection, make sure product quality is safe.

These industries still express, will make sure dairy produce label is true, not con, do not sell expire degenerative product, the price is reasonable, fairness trades, maintain the market favorable order; Listen attentively to consumer opinion, greeting society is supervised, make good after service seriously, discover blemish product is seasonable recall, compensate for corresponding caustic estrangement to assume corresponding responsibility lawfully.

Many 700 enterprise is special in quality acceptance book express, the real operation that uses oneself, to build a clean dairy produce market, revitalize Chinese milkings industry to make his effort, let countrywide consumer be at ease.