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Personage of Ministry of Agriculture: Give aid to from 6 respects cooperation de
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Sun Zhonghua of system of rural economics of Ministry of Agriculture and management department director put forward in Hangzhou recently, will take effective measures, wait for 6 respects from support of finance allowance, finance and taxation, give aid to cooperation develops farmer major.

Sun Zhonghua is the Chinese farmer that holds in Hangzhou development of cooperative economy organization speaks on international seminar. He says, collaboration organizes major of farmer of current our country especially professional cooperation, still be in the primary level of development on the whole, especially between the area with development is very lopsided still between the industry. From the point of cooperation interior, the member covers a range not quite wide still, the capacity that drives farmer is weaker, operation is not quite big still, management level remains to rise; Look from external environment, existing to still be not perfected about measure of policy of form a complete set, financial support policy has not come on stage wait for a problem.

Sun Zhonghua expresses, give aid to cooperation develops farmer major, it is to should increase a project to give aid to strength, change support agriculture way hard, regard the executive principal part that support agriculture project builds as cooperation; 2 it is to should increase finance allowance strength, the cooperation of area, outlying to ministry of Chinese and Western, nation area and impoverished area, and the professional cooperation that produces the essential agriculture products that country and society are badly in need of, wait for the cooperation of the respect like industry of commissariat, oil plants, live pig, milk, should preferential give aid to; 3 it is to should be accelerated publish finance to support policy, especially orgnaization of finance of national policy sex should lower loan threshold, adopt trends to give a variety of forms such as guaranty of contract of order of letter, sale, provide support of much channel capital for cooperation; 4 it is to should implement taxation privilege policy, always the production, treatment, current to agriculture, service that the country provides and other experience farming the policy of relevant taxation privilege of economic activity, cooperation ought to be enjoyed, make according to carrying out need to clutch at the same time give aid to the policy of other revenue privilege of cooperation; 5 it is to should be increased groom strength, education brings up a batch to know technology, be apt to to manage, the cooperation leader that can manage, education brings up team of counsellor of business of cooperation of major of a farmer; 6 it is to should strengthen demonstrative guidance and typical conduct propaganda.