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The Ministry of Agriculture grabs from fountainhead safety of quality of the fee
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The Ministry of Agriculture started feed quality safety 21 days special punish acts, ask various agriculture and pasturage vet branch use the time of a many month, cogent take decisive and significant step, make sure feed product quality is safe, put an end to stoutly violate in feed compasses add 3 get together the harmful and chemical material such as cyanogen amine.

This punish action decided “ the target of ” of 4 100 % : Albumen raw material produces rate of business scene examination to achieve 100 % , milk cow feed produces rate of company product sampling observation to achieve 100 % , production uses the dimensions from burden to turn milk cow farm (door) examination rate achieves 100 % , 100 % runs feed and company of feed additive production card production.

The Ministry of Agriculture emphasizes special punish action must grabbing from fountainhead, stress a focal point: Put an end to stoutly add in feed is produced and using a process 3 get together the banned content such as cyanogen amine and harmful and chemical material, increase the punish strength of pair of albumen feedstuff; Ban stoutly without production licence, approve the article date, “ that does not have product label without the product 3 produce a business without ” feed, supervise and urge the enterprise implements the system such as inspection before delivery into plant of manufacturing notes, raw material and product routine inspection test; Investigate illegal action stoutly, punish severely illegal element, the problem should turn over a judiciary in time badly; To fish 3 get together to the feed product of the banned article such as cyanogen amine seals up for keeping instantly and undertake harmless change processing, prevent harmful feed product to flow into the market stoutly.

The Ministry of Agriculture asks various agriculture and pasturage feed branch establish technical guidance group instantly, unified deploy works, strengthen pair of feed businesses and dimensions to turn a farm door go on a tour of inspection, appear in the newspaper in time investigate, ban wait for a circumstance. Should turn a farm with business of the feed inside area under administration and dimensions door sign responsibility form, supervise and urge the enterprise is engaged in manufacturing management activity lawfully, accept supervisory inspection self-consciously. Association of each district feed should advocate enterprise honesty be as good as one's word actively, strengthen an industry to control oneself.

The Ministry of Agriculture moves travel of special to each district punish circumstance and effect to undertake superintend and director guides examination, to the notice of criticism of working not do one's best, of safe to causing feed quality accident should investigate duty. Ministry of Agriculture twelve thousand three hundred and sixteen complain inform against a phone to accept 24 hours masses to inform against.

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