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Cotton of cupreous miscellaneous 411F1 advocate performance of plant experimenta
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On September 11, the reporter goes in Hubei province the “ high grade high production that river city holds fights cross cotton more view and emulate of spot of miscellaneous 411F1 of new breed copper can learn on ” , hubei saves the high grade high yield with successful this year seed selection to fight afterwards of miscellaneous 411F1 of copper of cross cotton new breed to save crop breed through Hubei more after authorized committee is authorized, in division of cotton of catchment of national the Yangtse River news of victory is passed again in trying, this breed was exceeded with crop 2007 contrast breed 20.5% , the first identity enters the group the 2nd year to trying, at the same time abnormality enters manufacturing trial. Because this breed suits catchment of our country the Yangtse River advocate area yield cotton cultivates production, after putting in the market, get the welcome of friend of broad cotton grower.

Cupreous miscellaneous 411F1 is by Hubei limited company of province seed group and Jiangsu save cupreous hill county all previous becomes institute of Hua Mao cotton via 10 years of seed selection. The successful seed selection of this breed, solved the outstanding problem that not high grade, high yield does not combat cross cotton high production more admirably, coordinated successfully ripe period, character, crop, fight the gender contradiction between, be known as ” of a on breeding of “ cross cotton major breakthrough.

Our country is big country of cross cotton breeding. On the seed selection of cross cotton breed, be in world banner level, however, as a result of a variety of reasons, in catchment of the Yangtse River all the time neither one is in the character, crop, admirable breed that fights the respect such as the gender to be coordinated adequately. Hubei saves seminal group limited company to act on strong sense of responsibility and mission feeling, constituent expert tries hard to tackle key problem, make this breed is in cupreous miscellaneous 411F1 eventually major breakthrough is obtained on breeding achievement. Character of cotton of Ministry of Agriculture of classics of character of fiber of cupreous miscellaneous 411F1 is supervised examine test center determines, 2.5% cross grow 29 millimeter, than strong 28.7CN/tex, mark grand is worth 5, percentage elongation 6.4% , reflectivity 75.6% , huang Du 7.9, orderly degree 85.5% , spinning index 145, reach a nation standard of high grade cotton. In division of cotton of catchment of the Yangtse River opposite disease-resistant index is the blight in trying 9, cyanosis is relative to disease-resistant index 18, disease resistance appraisal is fight wither, fight cyanosis. Nodding each in last few years set an example in reaching large area to popularize, all did not discover apparent feeling ill phenomenon. Fight appraisal of cotton boll bug to fight a gender integratedly to be worth for 43, fight sexual level integratedly for 3.58, expression is bug of Gao Kang cotton boll.
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