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Fujian of paddy new breed makes hit
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The city that build this world is the yield with important Fujian Province food division, in recent years, the city that build this world should hold ” of match of arena of “ of paddy new breed every year, the paddy new breed that comes from countrywide each district should undertake to here force of sex of adaptability, high yield, disease-resistant and rice pledge actor bad “ compares fierce ” greatly. Pressed down the mouth in the city that build this world a few days ago east Tian Cun, the “ of the paddy new breed that held a break fresh ground compares fierce congress ” .

In abundant of carry on of ginger of hall of Fujian Province agriculture deputy hall is guided longly below, come from the head of a station of seminal control stand that visits each county town completely, home expert of breeding of unit of scientific research of 14 kind of estate company delegate, agriculture in all 130 much people attended to be in those who build this world to hold new breed of Fujian Province paddy was revealed 2008 recommend meeting. “ still invited 14 to plant than fierce congress ” grain area arrives in kind of grain large family of 100 mus of above appraise through comparison of spot view and emulate.

In east province paddy new breed of Tian Cun shows the scene, here builds the “ of paddy new breed that had a high level to compare ” of arena of “ of fierce ” contest, ” of “ arena contest is set high grade, high yield, disease-resistant, mothball in all 4 matches project, come from unit of scientific research of kind of estate company with stronger actual strength of province inside and outside, agriculture choose 36 sent paddy new breed takes part in the match as “ player ” played the game. Protect in the elaborate canal of brainpower of agriculture of the city that build this world below, take part in the match individually breed already entered autumn in succession, it is good to taste the way corp is growing between farm, showed the good character of each breed adequately, reflected very tall show a level, got those who join meeting staff hand in a mouth to praise.

To reflect the just sex of “ contest ” , all taking part in the match breed is in cultivated a process to use uniform number, reveal truth when the talent till “ contest ” . To single out respective memory medium thoroughbred, join meeting personnel to undertake seriously surveying record to every breed, ability of the crop expression that inspects every breed carefully, disease-resistant, bead, individual plant the index such as tall, adaptability. “ still invited agricultural hall, aricultural than fierce congress ” more than 20 breeding experts of the unit such as courtyard of big, farming division have spot judge. Make clear from the first batch of data that reveal the spot to obtain, in the competition of high yield area that ” of 7 “ player takes part in the match, actor or actress especially 716, plain actor the 12 breed such as date show itself, it is in the competition of high grade area with the most intense competition, share ” of 13 “ player to take part in the match, shanghai actors or actress 5648, green sweet 313 wait for breed rice to be highlighted character, and plain actor 673, the 596 paddy breed that wait for new Yo to become are in Gu You mothball area shows good increase production potential. The expression in the match highlights breed to will be in after integrated appraisal ends complete province each district, become 2009 Fujian Province paddy advocate promote variety, main effect is produced in the grain production of prospective Fujian Province.
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