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Effect of job of science and technology of agriculture of city of Gansu Province
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One, introduce new breed new technology actively, increase farming animal husbandry develops delayed effect. In recent years, my bureau comes to the important step that recommends new technology of promotion new breed to regard science and technology of promotion farming animal husbandry as the level catch, mix around the crucial technology that restricts farming herd owner to guide the industry grows closely general character problem, introduce new breed actively, popularize new technology energetically. Whole town introduces new breed in all 268, grow line of business among them 66, aquaculture 45, greengrocery 108, lin Guo kind 25, medicinal material kind 16. The key extended dry farming, protection cultivation, stereo grow, dimensions of birds of prevention and cure of synergism of standardization of scientific fertilization, agriculture, abridged edition, plant diseases and insect pests, cultivate breeds, production of establishment melon food, produce is profound the technology of 10 big integrated form a complete set such as treatment. Make early or late allotted " about strengthening farming the opinion that promotion of animal husbandry new breed works " , " the opinion that works about strengthening agrotechnical promotion " , promotion of new to new breed transfer of technology had comprehensive program, make promotion of new transfer of technology of whole town new breed has a cause, have key, in the right way to. Take the kind of study communication, this year March, chief of farming herd branch and bureau belong to constituent county area the unit is relevant personnel, go to and other places of water of Lanzhou of Shaanxi poplar hill, my province, day, Jing Ning, Jing Yuan, cultivate to complete film corn, production of establishment melon food, dimensions breed aquatics undertook making an on-the-spot investigation study, series of any of several hot spice plants of big cherry, boat, boat eggplant series, Yi Lisha is introduced in all during making an on-the-spot investigation the fruit vegetables such as Bai Tian melon is new breed 10 many, mastered complete film double ridge in a field to cultivate, dimensions of birds of production of establishment melon food, cultivate breeds wait for main technique. Adopt admirable breed and new technology recommend promotion, accelerated dominant breed and advocate those who promote a technology is newer optimize, make whole town new breed is popularized rate achieved 85% above, new technology promotion is enclothed rate achieved 95% above, for the industry development offerred powerful science and technology to prop up, increased farming the delayed effect that animal husbandry develops.

2, strengthen rural practical person with ability to develop, breed bring up new-style farmer. In recent years, my bureau is adopted strengthen groom, begin a service directive, give aid to energetically guide wait for measure, increase rural fact to develop strength with the talent, exert oneself is bred bring up new-style farmer. It is to combine project of new-style farmer science and technology, labour force to transfer poineering sex of sunshine project, farmer to groom, agricultural structural adjustment groom begin, with agricultural science and technology, become rich knowledge of technical ability of industry of information, Wu, market attachs most importance to bit of content, adopt do a tuitional, spot to set an example, order grooms, the means that combination of school look forward to, education explains to public, fostered a batch of countries to grow add, management and team of ability of service solid choose and employ persons. Last year in September, my bureau undertook development of estate of structural adjustment of whole town agriculture, dominant and construction of new rural area groom class, to whole town secretary of Party committee of 116 villages and towns, villages and towns grows, the 400 much people such as backbone of city county technology undertook grooming. Transcribe " special subject of agricultural structural adjustment grooms " smooth dish many 200, on send city 4 old team, city concerns a section continuously, send government of each county district, villages and towns. Constituent personnel compiles and print " education of farmer of the city that celebrate this world grooms chrestomathy " 500 thousand, send each county (area) , group of villages and towns, village and farmer. By pattern of personnel of cadre of class of bureau system county, technology, industry composition explains to public round, 8 prefectural districts of development whole town began farmer education to groom explain to public activity. According to statistic, since project of new-style farmer science and technology was carried out 2005 oneself, be in early or late celebrate a city, add up to county of water, annulus, Hua Chi, peaceful county 5 counties foster new-style farmer 11360 much people; Since sunshine project was carried out 2004 oneself, 8 counties area grooms 25 times the unit grooms in all move country labor 48750 people; This year, 8 counties area farming wide school already groomed poineering sex farmer 300 much people. 2 it is go to the countryside of science and technology of have the aid of, science and technology is entered door, agricultural information serves those who wait for an activity to begin, in inviting advanced technology personnel, establish instructor expert group, in link of crucial farming season, key, enter into the village door, “ face-to-face, handgrip hand, of man-to-man ” undertake to the farmer the technology imparts, promoted the transmission of practical science and technology and application effectively. In last few years, my bureau is suiting water county old town early or late, peak area Dong Zhizhen, Xiaojin is pressed down on the west, tung of the county that celebrate a city plain countryside, coulding there be and other places of Jiao Cun countryside began town of prefectural the land of country, peaceful county 5 times large send go to the countryside of science and technology the activity. In whole town villages and towns of a few keys, village is established managed dot of 70 many fixed advisory services and bookstore of farmer science and technology. In peaceful, Hua Chi, celebrated the county such as the city to open agricultural science and technology direct car flow grooms service. In the meantime, rely on what rural information serves network project project to carry out, established Xi Feng, town former, peaceful county, coulding there be information of 4 counties class is collected release platform, built information of 120 villages class to serve a point. Use " farming herd brief " , " website of Gansu Province agriculture " , " rural information gazette " , 12316“ 3 farming the carrier such as ” service hot line, the information that provides supply and demand of policy code, market and instructor field for farmer masses many 3600. 3 be from breed farmer major collaboration to organize proceed with of team of entrepreneur of leader, farmer, advance agricultural industrialization actively to manage. Develop around the market, the brand is bred, the respect knowledge such as movement of organization of benefit management, collaboration, adopt special subject to do the kind such as view and emulate of class, spot, to cooperating constituent controller undertook grooming group by group in installment, make its mastered the link knowledge such as production, treatment, sale, become strong collaboration organization greatly to do, the organizer that enters the market when good farmer and person of lead the way laid a foundation. In the meantime, groom through holding industrialization bibcock entrepreneur class, informal discussion, constituent company factory director (manager) go out with personnel of management, technology the means such as visiting study, exert oneself develops farmer entrepreneur team. Current, the our city is built in all do farmer major collaboration to organize 375, already registered 161 when register, expand a membership sixty-three thousand two hundred person, drive farmer 185 thousand, implementation sells gross earnings four hundred and twenty million six hundred and eighty thousand yuan, enterprise of bibcock of agricultural industrialization key already achieved 55, among them, national level 2, provincial 19, city class 34.
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