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Ningxia medlar and tomato crossbreeding are successful
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Recently, ma Guiling happy event is filled with Wang Chengyu of Ningxia crossbreeding expert and old partner be filled with the ground the fructification of picked results: Try hard through scientific research of 47 years, the medlar that two people of connubial direct research tomato crossbreeding experiment gains revolutionary headway, written guarantee on an engraft seedling among them issued many 500 fructification. These two old people express, this is they give the municipality establishs ” of best “ birthday present 50 years.

Domestic division academia thinks all the time, the cross of asexuality of far predestined relationship between the plant is impossible to come true. And be in early 1961, the engraft of tomato young plant that Wang Chengyu will belong to eggplant division successfully arrived to belong to the medlar of herbaceous division on the tree, written guarantee gave fruit, with practice innovation goes a miracle, fill the one big blank of scientific domain.

As we have learned, new breed of tomato of this one cross has the flesh that do not have seed the advantage such as high yield of thick, disease-resistant, contain the amino acid of medlar at the same time, and the nutrient composition such as vitamin, polysaccharide, have very fundamental application value and academic innovation sense. Current, this one new and high technology is in choose actor, progenitive level further, the plan arrives 2011, check and accept through the expert, after appraisal, will popularize in the market