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Agricultural new technology became farmer of authority home bay become rich a ma
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September is the season of results, be located in Gansu on the west the picture that the countryside of authority home bay with prefectural arid and a mountainous area north is business everywhere. Condensing double field ditch of 7000 mus of of painstaking effort of broad cadre masses and sweat complete film sows corn to be in experienced the season that freeze and maturity walked into after the ablution of the natural disaster such as drought. Look at the maize cob with field full seed, farmer people those who do not conceal a heart is excited with joyance.

Big channel of hill of countryside of authority home bay is deep, 10 years of 9 drought, land is here what Lai Yisheng of great majority person puts is essential. The practice that comes how many years proves, should let barren land increase production add close, the key is to should rely on science and technology. In popularizing complete film double field ditch to sow the process of new technology in recent years, because masses is not known temporarily,reach the designated position, like the membrane method of half film Fu of tradition of continue to use generally. To popularize complete film new technology, rustic cadre cost used up setbacks. Explain through ground of rustic cadre thousands of words arouse, ground of innumerable trials and hardships sets an example guide, double field ditch of 500 mus of when whole 2007 country cultivates complete film sows corn happy event to reap a bumper harvest, taught great majority to await wait-and-see masses greatly. Meanwhile, the make the best use of the circumstances on countryside, last year the village cadre of 9 villages, villager represents autumn organization whole country and cultivate hotshot to sow corn to grow an area to complete film double field ditch the brotherly villages and towns with big, good the way corp is growing looks around on the spot, accept reeducate further, the practical technology that has effect of good part rain, preservation of soil moisture, fight a drought, increase production to this thereby generated strong interest.

Set an example successfully cultivate the enthusiasm that aroused broad masses, summer 2007 laminating 1500 mus. Today Chun Dingling laminating 5500 mus, whole 2008 country in all laminating 7000 mus. Close to ensure laminating area realizes increase production to add then, administration held water to head group and technical lead group on countryside, every village establish 2 technologies personnel, choosing the ground, soil preparation, fertilization, thoroughbred choose reach seminal processing, soil processing, laminating to sow, 8 link such as field management undertook whole journey guidance serves. Current, double field ditch of 7000 mus of complete film sows whole country corn the way corp is growing in sight of satisfactory, bumper harvest. Calculate according to selectiving examination, the complete film double field ditch this year sows corn mu produce all be in 600 kilograms of above, cultivate tower above than half film 150 kilograms or so, whole country only complete film double field ditch sows corn to produce food 4.2 million kilograms. Increase production of average per capita 470 kilograms, according to 1.7 yuan / kilogram computation of market price case, average per capita is added receive 750 yuan. Carry out a proof, complete film double field ditch sows technical since the new breakthrough that agriculture cultivates a technology to go up, also be new revolution when the farmer cultivates train of thought to go up. The bedding face that believes as complete film double field ditch sows a technology accumulates promotion, be sure to change drought of countryside of authority home bay to make grain crop greatly long-term low and flabby history, walk out of a masses to become rich thereby the new approach that goes straight towards well-off.
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