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The drip irrigation below Inner Mongolia film lets a farmer be sincerely convinc
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Inner Mongolia carries out the farmland put together that is main measure with farm division water to add up to productivity to build in whole area organization, initiated new phase of job of farm division water.

Popularized a series of dry farming technology of integrated increase production. Include to popularize drought to make section water agrotechnical, the thoroughbred rate of the main crop such as whole area corn achieves 96 % above; Promotion is added apply fertilization of the organic fertilizer, recipe that measure land, straw to return cropland, nitrogenous fertilizer to be applied greatly, add potassium to fill small wait for soil to train technique of fat increase production; Especially film of dry land ground is enclothed help advance somebody's career the technology gets bedding face accumulates promotion, add Wen Baoshui, make laminating cultivates north of area big range to move, area of whole area laminating achieves many mus 1000. Recommend research and development all sorts of agriculture are mechanical, whole area is at present mechanical build terraced field 240 thousand mus, straw machinery smashs return cropland 10 million mus, mechanical deep to fertilize 40 million mus, mechanical essence measures half precision drilling 30 million mus, machinery is avoided sow 6 million mus n cultivated land, rigid division water irrigates 4.5 million mus, machinery is avoided enclothe n cultivated land sow 800 thousand mus. Produce district advantage, develop characteristic agriculture, positive development is mixed with solar conservatory plastic the establishment agriculture that big canopy gives priority to.

Pressed modern technology application ceaselessly. Drip irrigation respect, carried out drought of Ministry of Agriculture to make item of section water allowance 2007, in Da Maoqi, examine right in the banner built banner and Yijinhuoluo the drip irrigation below 3000 mus film. Demonstrative result makes clear, the drip irrigation below potato film compares large sprinkling irrigation and small-sized sprinkling irrigation, part section water 29 % , 34 % , the section is fat 18 % , 20 % , section report 28 % , 33 % , increase production 5 % , 18 % .

New technology of farm division water got the welcome of the farmer. The water of section of Ministry of Agriculture that the organization carried out 2007 sets an example project, drip irrigation of 1000 mus of potatoes sets an example in Da Maoqi successful, organization of government of the Da Maoqi when results holds farmer spot to meet, be mixed by the general welcome of broad farmer approbate. December 2008, banner government decides 4 million yuan to banner finance allocates funds, build division of demonstrative garden of the drip irrigation below 10 thousand mus of film. At present area of drip irrigation of whole area land for growing field crops develops many mus 50 thousand, built drip irrigation of land for growing field crops 2008 among them many mus 20 thousand.
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