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Science and technology is inserted for Ningxia agriculture on wing
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Agricultural production structure compares the god of grand heart county that is located in 6 dishes of Shan Nalu since Linxiangyizhi onefold, affected the development of rural economics already, the income growth of farmer masses is very slow also. Since this year, here regards the breach that the country works as development facilities agriculture, set an example according to “ drive, concentration is connected piece, the train of thought of ” of outstanding distinguishing feature, in the laborious of change river region smooth village built 1000 mus of establishment agriculture demonstrative garden. In August the middle ten days of a month, the reporter is interviewed to this demonstrative garden, see a platoon, , add up to canopy of 4111 plastic arch, strewn at random have send the ground to arrange go up in this 1369 mus land. This is garden of a chili, farmer people plucking in the vegetable plot with neat deep pocket chili.

Villager Li Kaiqing works to accost with the reporter at the same time at the same time, he says oneself sets an example to field 6 distribute land in this, plant completely went up chili, appear on the market from the first stubble, already sold to now went out 1000 multivariate. Li Kaiqing is calculating, a mu of big canopy can earn 4000 one year multivariate, very economical.

The reporter asks he understands not to know the technique that plant dish, is chili good annul? Li Kaiqing says, the member that there is specially appointed of science and technology on the technology, governmental canal “ unites ” 5 times, this within has unified instructor and unified system marketing. His hand shows a nearby middleaged man says to the reporter, he is above Laogan of the member that send specially appointed of over science and technology.

Laogan, 44 years old, be called Gan Hongyu, be in charge of this instructor that cultivates demonstrative garden technically, from the field management of prevention and cure of grow seedlings, grow, plant diseases and insect pests and chili, all technology issue was wrapped completely. Front line is produced in Ningxia country, nowadays the member that an active special science and technology serves specially appointed of group ———2186 renown science and technology, their encouragement in local Party committee, government, support, harmonious, guide below, taking technology, information, capital, project to hurry off to rural basic level, began the poineering operation of a variety of forms. Specially appointed of these science and technology member, place of base oneself upon is actual, aim at market demand, gold of as a way of becomes a shareholder, the technology becomes a shareholder, rent manage, solely invested establish, the technology contracts wait for a variety of forms, form ” of “ economy community with enterprise of average farmer, professional large family, bibcock, through administration, market and social “ 3 lines advance ” , establish the lasting effect mechanism that had science and technology to serve agriculture. Of new breed introduce, the application of the promotion of new technology, new facility, have their contribution.
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