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The pig adds the prevention and cure of disease of natural disposition bowel
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The pig adds disease of natural disposition bowel to call proliferous sex enteritis again, it is to grow Yo becomes the alvine path contagion with common pig. Other name still has ileum of disease of bowel of sex of haemorrhage of necrotic sex enteritis, proliferous sex, pig extreme of phlogistic, ileum adenoma of bowel of phlogistic, pig. This ill expression that face examine basically issues dysentery for intermittence, appetite drops, grow logy. Yo reachs mothball sow into the pig sometimes the dysentery below hematic sample and sudden death. Analyse check feature is added for small intestine and ileum mucous membrane thick. Pathology histology change is mixed with ileum inside colonic recess crudely alvine cell produces adenoma appearance hyperplasia to be a feature. Each district of this ill alive bound shows local popularity.
Cause of disease
Causing a pig to add the cause of disease of disease of natural disposition bowel is bacterium of the Lawson inside the cell, this bacterium ever also called bacterium of the accrete inside ileum cell, it is cell of a kind of bowel only bacterium of oxygen of sexual be disgusted with, in what do not contain a cell education radical cannot grow, the alvine cell strung that can wait in rat, pig or person only grows, coloring of change orchid family name is electronegative, without flagellum and cilium.
Ill pig and the contagion that the pig that carry bacterium is this disease source.
Contain in the excrement and urine that affects a pig necrotic the alvine wall cell that fall off, and contain bacterium of many cause of disease. Bacterium of cause of disease follows style of eduction of excrement and urine outside, pollute outside ambient, follow feed, water etc, via enteron infection. Grown pig feels more easily, general Feburary age less than and a year of pig of above come on not easily.
A variety of elements such as this ill happening and outside ambient are concerned. Climate changes suddenly, line-haul, raise density feed of exorbitant, changeover, and column or turn column should stimulate and antibiotic kind additive is used undeserved wait for an element, all can become this ill inducement. In addition, avian, rat kind also have main effect in this ill transmission process.
Send ill mechanism
Bacterium of cause of disease is main mucous membrane of enroach on ileum, make ileum lining mucous membrane is added thick. The position that affects above all is alvine recess cell, those who affected a bacterium is epithelial cannot mature, undertake mitosis continuously, high hyperplasia, form a pig to add disease of natural disposition bowel namely.
On the foundation of cellular hyperplasia, as a result of the acting countervail of airframe and repair action, make pathological changes jackknife happens. What convert reaction as exterior fiber is outspread reach depth development, phlogistic sex span condenses into necrotic, make pathological change of necrotic sex enteritis. Above the pathological changes block up of these alvine mucous membrane alimentation, bring about lose weight, feed is changed rate drop.
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