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Rice bran feeds a swine 4 attentions
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The raise that raise of set limit to feeds rice bran feeds a volume with exceeding ration 25% advisable, as reasonable as other feed collocation. If the raise of the rice bran in feed feeds a quantity to exceed 30% , can affect porky quality. Give kind of pig to be fed too much, can make its excessive and fat, reduce progenitive performance; To child the pig is fed too much, can cause indigestion.

Although the phosphorous content in rice bran of compensatory calcium, phosphor is more, but basically exist with establish acerbity phosphor, be made full use of not easily by the pig. Accordingly, want to notice compensatory calcium, phosphor when feeding a swine with rice bran, in order to satisfy the pig need to calcic, phosphor. 1.5% ~ can be added in pig ration the bone dust of 2% is fed together, want to make a pig much bask at the same time.

Immerse bate rice bran immerses with Wen Shui before feeding a swine, make its bate, can raise digestive rate. Immerse to wait for a quantity with water and rice bran. Immerse red-letter day of time summer fall is 3 hours, wintry spring section is 4 ~ 5 hours.

Content of the fat in rice bran of appropriate keep in storage is higher, in depositing a process, because suffer the effect of all elements such as high temperature, damp, illumination and air, meeting gradually acid defeats metamorphism, make nutrient value is reduced, dainty sex becomes poor. Accordingly, rice bran prevents high temperature besides the attention in had deposited Cheng, outside preventing moisture, still should notice to be deposited not for a long time.