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Gentleman orchid insect pest prevents and cure
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Gentleman orchid is common insect pest is scale insect, happen to collect blade tender tip to go up constantly, absorb foliaceous fluid, secretion makes cauline leaf turns mildew into black, cause fuliginous disease, cause blade wither. Force of scale insect breed is powerful, can produce much generation 1 year, a female imago often can breed hundreds nymph, if prevent and cure not in time, can cause plant death.

Method of scale insect prevention and cure should be given priority to with precaution. Want to often notice to examine plant system at ordinary times, discover insect pest as soon as possible is divided treat. When prevention and cure but artificial, medicaments is used. If only a few blade tip discovers insect pest, can blow artificially except, nib with fine batten or go to bug body get rid of with bamboo autograph. If appear,a large number of nymph can be used 25% inferior gush of 1000 times fluid kills emulsion of amine sulfur phosphor, also can use 1000-1500 of emulsion of 40% oxidation happy fruit times fluid sprays, spray 1-2 second can.

In addition, the earthworm also can become the pest of gentleman orchid. Qualitative root of the flesh when gentleman orchid plant is little is tender weak, if there is an earthworm in basin earth, constant regular meeting is gotten in disorder everywhere, tenderize root gets hurt, destroy gentleman orchid to absorb nutrient function, make plant stops to grow development or cause sodden root. Method of prevention and cure is to often notice basin earth surface has circular earth grain (namely the earthworm is fecal) , if discovery can use 50% DDVP to breed times fluid of oily 1500-2000 irrigates instantly, give existing earthworm to get move immediately eliminate, prevent and cure 1 times again after 7 days.