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How to raise young dog survival rate
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One, of lactation mother dog raise management. Common saying says fat ” of “ Mu Zhuanger, lactation mother dog if nutrition is inadequate, bring about a constitution to drop, galactic and insufficient, young dog is hidebound, cause a series of diseases. Want raise to feed easy digest, dainty sex the high grade feed of total value of good, nutrition, especially postpartum the 1st week, should increase raise to feed a frequency, feed less feed more, make sure enough secrete breast is measured.

2, young dog nurses. Be born to ablactation around is the crucial period that raises survival rate. Young dog lets rapid eat colostrum after be born, can increase internal circulating load of young dog blood, enhance immune power. After young dog is born do not have inside 6 days cold quiver reflection, need to rely on the mother's body and heat preservation of exterior heat source, make sure the dog abandons temperature appropriate. Because mutual jam causes dog of young of mother dog trample, extruding and young dog,should prevent casualties of young dog accident.

3, young dog is timely filling makings. Day of the 2-3 after be born, raise is fed or mixture of inject iron copper or iron cobaltic mixture; Day of the 8-10 after be born, feed young dog the belt is sweet water; Day of the 10-16 after be born, press milk and water 1:3Scale filling breast; 20 days of training eat makings, with compensatory mother breast is not worth, promote grow development, reduce sicken rate; A few ripe dogmeat and course can be joined after 30 days kind, also but food of semifluid of make it of milk, rice, will ripe dogmeat, a of right amount and compensatory vitamin and bone dust; 4 week hind and mother dog are collected together feed, ablactation for safety lay a foundation. If death of postpartum mother dog or mother milk are insufficient, bottle of usable baby lactation fills artificially breast, optional also choose is other and galactic the mother dog ask sb to bring up one's child with little dog of much, young, day of fosterage young dog age with dog of former nest young day age differs 2-3 day is advisable.

4, bug of young dog drive. Verminosis is easy cause young dog death, especially 1-3 month age, cent is inside helminth and outside helminth. Helminth basically has tapeworm of ascarid of wireworm, dog, dog and fluke inside, take Zun of Mi of third sulfur benzene (dosage of profess to convinced is 25 milligram / kilogram weight, 1 / day, use consecutively 3 days) ; Helminth can use element of bacterium of hypodermic Yi dimension to cooperate external use outside medical treatment. Check of 30 days of the 1st dung and drive bug, every months of fixed sampling observation is mixed after drive bug 1.

5, young dog immunity. Immune timeline: The inject on the horse is vaccinal after ablactationing, the 1st times vaccinal time is 6-8 Zhou Ling; Removed 2-3 week of the 2nd second have an inoculation; Again removed 2-3 week of the 3rd second have an inoculation. Commonly used vaccine has young dog 6 couplet seedling or 7 couplet seedling, main precaution is heat of acute communicable diseases of hydrophobic, dog, petty virus disease, hook carries disease of virus of shape of helicoid disease, deputy flu, coronal to wait.
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