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The prevention and cure of disease of physiology of canopy room aubergine
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The aubergine that canopy room helps advance somebody's career, its result initial stage is worth microtherm to lose light period, appear easily all sorts of physiology obstacles, according to its cause of formation should take step of corresponding prevention and cure:

1, tender leaf etiolation. Young leaf shows bright yellow white, apex remain green, in ferruginous vitta spot appears on bottom lamina; Much fertilizer, tall wet, soil slants acerbity or manganese element nutrition is superfluous, restrain iron element to absorb etc, easy bring about etiolation of new part of a historical period. Measure of prevention and cure: ⒉ " Xi  is seen a concubine of an emperor Zi of the Qiong that frighten Si becomes warped times fluid of?00 (not overweight) ; Field apply oxyhydrogen to change magnesium and lime, adjust edaphic acid-base value; Compensatory Potassium element in order to balance nutrition, satisfy or promote iron element to supply.

2, bud is not open. Ovarian not expand, bud is constrictive not open, affect pollination be fertilized and become deadlocked fruit. In cold season, lack water, air is humid, edaphic PH value is in 7.5 above, the boracic effectiveness in soil is reduced; Field have excessive lime calcium, cause plant to be short of boron, all can cause bud to grow period to be not opened. Measure of prevention and cure: See a concubine of an emperor times fluid of?00 of the Hu that frighten Min or agent of pollination of amino acerbity polypeptide.

3, fructification deadlocked is cracked. Fructification is inflexible and not expand, leather color is lacklustre, have grey streak, water epigenesis is cracked if really, long not quite. Sunshine is encountered to water after eggplant skin phellem is changed can crack if really. Measure of prevention and cure: To shirk of ㄖ port earnest sees ~ of? of exacting of ┐ of midge knock be jealous of 3 kilograms; Result period basically applies potash fertilizer.

4, deciduous leaf is dropped if really. Etiolation of leaf of microtherm period bottom falls off, tall wet period young fruit bate falls oneself. Temperature is too low, nitrogen, phosphate fertilizer uses excess and make edaphic chroma big, because long-term nutrition is lopsided,plant all is met and ageing, it is the sequela that the plant gibberellin synthetic quantity that is short of zinc to cause reduces. Handle of petiole and cauline stalk, fruit and fructification joint for lack of grow element is formed after leaving a layer, fall off. Measure of prevention and cure: A flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides of small box  sees?00 of Lou of wed Si Qiong times fluid, or every mus apply vitriolic zinc 1 kilogram, also can wait in green billow of the gush on face of blade contain the nutrient element with much zinc to prevent fall hurried is long.

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