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Miniature pot breeds technology of yellow foreheading fish
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Yellow foreheading fish is the polyphagia fish that gives priority to with animal bait makings, the flesh is qualitative delicate, mouthfeel is good, welcome by people. Decrease ceaselessly as a result of rich in last few years, market supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding, breed of yellow foreheading fish artificially also subsequently sadly arisen. According to statistic, jiangsu was saved last year advocate raise, set raise area of yellow foreheading fish to already amounted to 0.7 hectare left and right sides, but still demand exceeds supply in the market, the price is bullish. Pot of miniature of the setting in the pond that the author had is in breed aquatics other aquatic product 2000 breeds experiment of yellow foreheading fish, obtain better economic benefits. This is an investment province, get effective the breed aquatics with fast, handy operation is new project. Breed its technical introduction to be as follows now:

One, the setting pot of pot net of You Juyi Xi piece oversew and become, mesh is 1 centimeter, norms is rice of X2 of rice of 2 meters of X2, pot is used close litter float formulary, pot bottom does mat layer with cloth of 9 purposes net, height of the brim that fill up a layer 920 centimeters, in order to reduce the be lost of feed; Surface of pot upside tower above is controlled 30 centimeters. The quadrate model charging basket that makes 10 centimeters tall, edge grow 30 centimeters with window screening of 18 eye polyethylene is made feed a stage, park casing is mid, every box 1. Pot setting is in breed other aquatic product (fish, shrimp, crab) the water inlet place of the pond, every 667 square rice (1 mu) piscine Chi Ke sets pot 1 - 3. Also can install in water quality oxygen of pure and fresh, dissolve is enough, take shelter from the wind the capacious water area of exposed to the sun, free from contamination. Arrange “ one ” glyph, spacing 4 meters, row spacing is controlled 10 meters. To drop in temperature to yellow foreheading fish in phlogistic summer sunstroke prevention is mixed auxiliary concealment, inside pot transplanting occupies pot area 3 right-and-left water hyacinth or spray give birth to 2 / .

2, before fingerling puts in a suitable place to breed pot puts in a suitable place to breed in fingerling 1 - 2 weeks enter the water, make casing is worn give birth to attachment of a few alga, injure in order to reduce fingerling into box hind and casing attrition. List of fingerling requirement body is complete, do not have injury, constitution without disease hale, norms is orderly. The big norms fingerling that every square metre puts in a suitable place to breed end of 20 grams / is controlled 100 - 150 end.

3, raise administrative ① to cast bait: Because put in a suitable place to breed density is big, the natural bait makings in relying on a pool only is insufficient, because this wants the feeding habits of object of basis breed aquatics to be cast appropriately,feed artificial bait makings, makings of commonly used bait has birds of flesh of Xian of small impurities fish, snail, earthworm, silkworm chrysalis, cultivate splanchnic reach animal blood to wait, cast by the time, fixed position, principle that decides qualitative, ration hello, ensure the yellow foreheading fish inside pot is satiate had eaten, grow quickly. ② runs water: Maintain water quality from beginning to end oxygen of pure and fresh, dissolve is enough, discovery should add water in time unusually or change water. ③ go on a tour of inspection: Hold to everyday pound of go on a tour of inspection and pot, observe mobile condition of the fish, check pot whether damaged, the ill fish inside fish out pot and dead fish, maintain cleanness of system of the water inside pot. Clean pot every week, make sure system of water of pot inside and outside is exchanged normally. The adjusts pot in time height when water level changes.
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