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Wuhan white alluvion: Does Bu think of Zou Jin litter to take litter of Jin of f
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This week Wuhan is white the vegetable price of big market of alluvion farming by-product is small fall, aquatic product price is small fall, case of bulk edible oil price continues to drop, bottled oil also has brand of 5 litres of outfit to drop differently, price of the crab after the Mid-autumn Festival passes falls greatly.

——19 day will monitor this week on September 15 of 20 vegetable breed all valence is 1.39 yuan / kilogram with last week 1.42 yuan / kilogram photograph comparing drops 2.11% , change of this week vegetable price is not big smoother. This week has 6 breed to drop, two rise, 12 breed keep balance. Dropping breed is Xi Qin, bag dish, green pepper, Chinese cabbage, balsam pear, a variety of Chinese cabbage and photograph score does not drop last week 13.33% , 9.52% , 9.09% , 5.55% , 5.55% , 3.72% ; The reason that Xi Qin drops is inside unconscious quality relatively second Xi Qin enters the arena, the amount is larger also, to the Heibei with good quality Xi Qin causes concussion to make integral price of Xi Qin glides; Because the amount is large,wrapping dish to drop is, additionally bag of Shanxi iron head enters the arena in great quantities the price is low, drive price of Lanzhou wild cabbage to glide; Green pepper drops is this Zhou Jin field is much for green pepper of high mountain thick skin, quantity of thin-skinned green pepper makes green pepper price glides less; Because the amount is large,Chinese cabbage, balsam pear drops is, after the Mid-autumn Festival passes, the small retailer that makes money decreases, market not free, goods is slow-moving bring about the price to drop; Because this week suburb a variety of Chinese cabbage appears on the market in succession,a variety of Chinese cabbage drops is, the price after the amount increases somewhat drops; Two breed that rise are onion, tomato and photograph score does not rise last week 14.45% , 2.56% ; Because house of Shandong onion price is tall,onion rises is drive onion rise in price; Tomato this Zhou Jun price 0.8 yuan / kilogram, last week all valence 0.78 yuan / kilogram, go up belong to normal wave motion. This Zhou Chiping's breed is lotus root of potato, Bai Luobo, carrot, beautiful dish, cucumber, wax gourd, a kind of edible gourd, hollow dish, lotus, aubergine, three-colored amaranth, kidney bean.

The nine that monitor of a large amount of breed fish all valence is 13.68 yuan / kilogram with last week 13.74 yuan / kilogram photograph comparing is small drop 0.44% also be equivalent to keeping balance; A breed rises, 4 breed drop, 4 breed keep balance. The breed that rise is grass carp this Zhou Jun price 9 yuan / kilogram with last week 8.8 yuan / kilogram photograph comparing rises 2.27% ; Dropping breed is crucian carp fish, variegated carp, silver crap child fish, carp and photograph score does not drop last week 3.49% , 2.71% , 2.14% , 1.92% ; This Zhou Chiping's breed is snakeheaded fish, bream, yellow foreheading fish, Gui Yu.

Value of the crab after passing mid-autumn plunges greatly, because the Mid-autumn Festival shifts to an earlier date a few days 10 mid-autumn than last year this year,dropping main reason is, crab also is carried in the morning city, the crab of city on in advance has not matured completely, near future air temperature is higher the mortality of crab is tall, demand of the consumption after the section is abate, make its price falls considerably. Want to eat on fat creams the crab of abundant may want defer of in the future completely.
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