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Fruit of autumn of terminal market of Bo city vegetable sells flourishing
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As people life quality rise, the balance is reasonable and prandial, tie-in, eat to buy fresh fruit dish to already was become now now nowadays the consumptive concept of common people, before fruit market already formed “ part, trade active, off-season sale is not weak ” trades state. Common saying says the heat before “ section 3 minutes, 3 minutes of weak ” after the section, although decrease somewhat,just crossed sales volume of food of fruit of the Mid-autumn Festival, landed dish and season fruit still maintain flourishing to sell momentum.

Fruit market full of beautiful things in eyes, breed rich, supply of goods is enough. Because just passed,sales volume of the gift box fruit that pack drops mid-autumn apparent. Raise autumn fruity as maturity all of color, sweet, flavour is added, pear, apple, orange, grape, persimmon sang ” of “ grand opera. Among them Dang hill crisp pear, with its the skin is thin crisp of juicily, Gan Tian, cheap and fine (every kilograms of trade price is in 0.30-0.55 yuan between) the ” of “ husband female role that makes fruit market, before the price is the same as a section keep balance basically. Carry child, the sale such as peach of monkey of fruit of watermelon, grape, firedrake, cantaloup, pomegranate, cover, peach, grapefruit is smooth. Compare with the photograph before the section price of apple, red rose apple, Jinshuai apple, red star apple falls somewhat, orange, grape, carry child the price keeps balance, watermelon price rises somewhat.

Vegetable market breed all ready, supply of goods is enough, vegetable of navigate of landed eggplant fruit trades the market, the main portion that the vegetable such as wax gourd, green pepper, celery, cucumber trades. The photograph before be the same as a section is compared, vegetable price is fluctuant range is not big.