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Bridge of the link austral Jiangsu: Fall after a rise of case of edible oil pric
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Now, vegetable yesterday integrated and average trade price is 0.85 yuan / 500g mixes 0.85 yuan / 500g, after the Mid-autumn Festival passes vegetable of ground of 2 days of inside and outside appears on the market the quantity lessens an impact because of demand, small decrease, up to now vegetable of day other place appears on the market the quantity restores to reach 1600 tons again, vegetable whole shows sign of stable state of quantity full value. There is any of several hot spice plants of young soya bean, hyacinth bean, Shanxi, wild rice stem, corn only now occurrence wave motion of 5 variety price, among them price of before 4 variety drops respectively 9% , 12% , 7% , 4% ; Hind the raise on price of a variety 18% . Day of before a few days of aubergine appears on the market the quantity has 20-30 only ton, add now reach 40 tons; Appear on the market tomato patch the volume rises to by 145 tons of yesterday now 260 tons, these two breed the price is stable now. At present Chinese cabbage whole appears on the market the amount is the largest, the price is in smoothly also 0.4-0.55 yuan / 500g.

Although Su Cheng weather was heated up a bit again recently, but this locality vegetable appears on the market volume impact is not big, still firmer- - 300 tons, all sorts of variety prices are certain also, trade price of dish of small now greens, chicken feather, a variety of Chinese cabbage is 0.5-0.65 respectively at present yuan / 500g, 0.6-1.0 yuan / 500g, 0.5-0.9 yuan / 500g.

After fish of of all kinds now fresh water appears on the market because of fish of big norms crucian carp except crucian carp fish, top trade price by 11.2 yuan of yesterday / kilogram on raise reachs 13 yuan of now / kilogram outside other variety price is stable. River crab appears on the market the quantity decreases a few days this somewhat, the price is shown drop trend.

Pork appears on the market now quantity and keep balance basically yesterday, white a fleshy price continue to drop small now, cheaper than yesterday 0.1 yuan / 500g, this locality, other place is white now inside the trade price intermediate is 8.1 yuan respectively / 500g, 7.1 yuan / 500g.

Because edible is oily the level before stock cost is compared is low recently, rape oil and pattern of fabaceous oil price are consequently overall fall after a rise, highest last week approve valence to amount to every a unit of weight 7 yuan, at present already fall after a rise comes 5-5.6 yuan / 500g mixes 4.8 yuan / 500g.

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On September 19, 2008