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Agriculture of computer of Chinese farming society applies branch, about reseau
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Branch of application of agriculture of computer of Chinese farming society and center of data of national agriculture science cooperate, will hold countrywide agriculture at was in Beijing in April 2007 delibrate of first reseau technology, groom class. This second conference is small-sized delibrate, groom the conference, its target is to popularize reseau knowledge, groom reseau technology qualified personnel, promote development of agricultural reseau technology. Inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now:

One, main content

Reseau technology develops the current situation and tendency
Reseau compose builds principle and technology
Reseau development tool and use
Compose of agricultural data reseau, knowledge reseau is built

Meeting admiral invites an expert to make academic report and chair.

The welcome submits a paper, attend delibrate. The paper is sent at receipt is being followed before March 12 please.

2, time place
Time: April 2007 12 ~ 15 days. Will report for duty on April 12.
Place: Library of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences 4 assembly room.
Take car course:

1. Beijing west station takes 320 to arrive farming division courtyard; Beijing station goes to Xizhimen by the subway (southwest mouth goes out) change arrives 651 times south farming division courtyard the door
2. airport goes to China by the taxi farming division courtyard, or go to Beijing by airport bus friendship guesthouse, cross crossover to arrive opposite the driveway arrive by 16 spur track south farming division courtyard the door (2 stations)

3, charge
1. Meeting Wu data expends: 500 yuan / person; In school student half price
2. Cost of board and lodging provides for oneself.

4, receipt learns the office at the reply before March 12 please,
Address: The ave austral ZhongGuanCun of Beijing Haidian area postcode of institute of 12 agricultural information: 100081
Unit: Computer agriculture uses branch office
Phone: 010-68919916-2410/1 fax: 010-68976080
E-mail: Aac_caass@caas.net.cn

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