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Learn forum of recreational agriculture of academic annual meeting and whole nat
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Each concern an unit:
A file points out in the center of 2007: “ builds contemporary agriculture, must pay attention to a variety of functions of development agriculture, march to agricultural range and deepness, stimulative agriculture construction is optimized ceaselessly upgrade. ” builds contemporary agriculture, dig the multiple function such as agricultural culture, zoology, sightseeing, recreational, travel adequately, develop recreational agriculture, drive progress of relevant industry chain, transition of structure of industry of move of power of stimulative country surplus labor, country, be helpful for prosperous rural economics, increase village of farmer income, improvement to allow village appearance, improve farmer quality, new to advancing rural area is built, stimulative agriculture can develop continuously, compose builds harmonious society port great.
To promote our country contemporary agriculture is built, promote recreational agriculture to develop level and content of science and technology, show experience of development achievement, communication, discuss development strategy and safeguard step, exploration dimensions is changed, industrialization development direction and mode, advance construction of new rural area, classics research, I can plan to hold “2007 at was in Nanjing in September 2007 year ” of forum of recreational agriculture of annual meeting of learning of Chinese farming society and whole nation. Inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:

One, meeting theme
Recreational agriculture and contemporary agriculture develop

2, conference time and place
Plan to be held at was in Nanjing in September 2007.

3, conference organization
The conference is learned to sponsor by Chinese farming, agronomy of bureau of Nanjing city aricultural, Nanjing can undertake, invite concerned unit assist do.

4, the main content that conference delibrate and paper collect
This second forum will around meeting theme, what involve with respect to recreational agriculture and contemporary agriculture development is directional, strategical problem and crucial technology issue have delibrate and communication. Main content:
1. The basic theory of contemporary agriculture is discussed;
2. Contemporary agriculture develops policy research;
3. Our country develops those who show acting agriculture to restrict element and countermeasure;
4. Develop the main mode of contemporary agriculture and experience domestic and internationally;
5. The current situation that our country recreational agriculture develops, mode, problem and countermeasure;
6. Recreational agriculture is developing the position in contemporary agriculture and effect;
7. Development of domestic and international recreational agriculture compares research;
8. Contemporary agrotechnical the application in recreational agriculture;
9. Recreational agriculture and new rural area are built;
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