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About holding science of agriculture of youth of the 7th China the provision of
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Each province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) agronomy is met, chinese farming learns each branch, chinese agriculture academy of sciences, chinese agriculture college, each province (area, city) orgnaization of agricultural scientific research, education, agronomy of all previous China meets a young person bear the palm of award of science and technology person:
16 of the party 6 in 915 ” of plenary meeting and “ planned to put forward clearly to develop contemporary agriculture, build the strategic goal of socialistic new rural area, progress of society of economy of mark our country enters a new level. Building contemporary agriculture is the first job that builds new rural area. Support technology innovates, develop contemporary agriculture, be construction new rural area cut a point, it is the serious content that compose builds harmonious society.
When congratulatory China agronomy can hold water 90 years, the contemporary agriculture that fits our country national condition for exploration develops direction and policy measure, contemporary agriculture of our country of analytic new period builds domain of measure of train of thought, strategy, key and great skill demand, explore the mode of innovation of our country technology and contemporary agriculture, classics research, my meeting will hold science of agriculture of youth of the 7th China at was in Beijing in September 2007 academic annual meeting and forum of cross-strait youth scientist. Inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:

One, theme
Technical innovation and contemporary agriculture.

2, time and place
Plan to be held at was in Beijing in September 2007.

3, constituent form
Sponsor an unit: Chinese agronomy is met
Support an unit: Chinese agriculture college
Technology of biology of China of ministry of science and technology develops a center
Heibei saves agricultural academy of sciences
Undertake unit: Chinese farming learns young work committee

4, delibrate and the main content that call for paper
Bencihui is discussed will around meeting theme, what with respect to the technology innovation and contemporary agriculture involve is directional, strategical problem, crucial technology and newest achievement have delibrate and communication. Main content:
1. The connotation of contemporary agriculture, feature reachs his to develop a tendency;
2. Innovation of new and high technology and contemporary agriculture are built;
3. Innovation of contemporary processing technique and contemporary agriculture are built;
4. Muti_function model industrial development innovation and contemporary agriculture construction;
5. Innovation of technology of resource, environmental protection and contemporary agriculture are built;
6. Innovation of modern equipment technology and contemporary agriculture are built;
7. The tradition is agrotechnical upgrade to be built with contemporary agriculture;
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