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Technology of machine of agriculture of 2006 China International and equipment e
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Technology of machine of agriculture of the 2nd China International and equipment exhibition and conference be about to this year on April 11 - the center is exhibited 13 days to come on stage ceremoniously in Beijing China International. By association of industry of Chinese agriculture machinery, Germany Hannuowei exhibits exhibition of association of agriculture of company, Germany and Han Nuowei (China) the current agriculture machinery that limited company makes hand in hand is exhibited will attract come from world each district 150 more, always exhibit an area to amount to 10, 000 square metre, expand than dimensions of previous term or session one times much.

The knowledge that abounds in Europe and even domain of world agriculture machinery by right of constituent unit and do successfully exhibit concept and experience, this second exhibit meeting internationally extremely strong, abroad exhibit quotient to be occupied about 50% what always exhibit quotient. At the appointed time, numerous world top class agriculture machinery makes famous manufacturer of enterprise and home will be the same as stage athletics, for visiting farm chief, agriculture machinery agency, large the audience inside the numerous course of study such as expert of manager of farming look forward to, each ministries and commissions is revealed domestic and international the most advanced product and technology. Agriculture machinery of east wind of head office of engine of Chinese lug, China results, Changzhou, Ning Bo goes straight towards the home such as tractor of wild, clear river to get army overall carat of Holand of button of manufacturing business and Yaohandier, Shanghai, Harbin button Holand, Germany this, Indian horse, collective contend China and even whole Asia-Pacific area send the agriculture machinery market that extend flourishingly; The manufacturer of famous Agricultural Machinery and Implement that comes round to exhibit still has Germany favour of library of cultivate of thunder of beauty of Lai of case of A Masong, Germany, Germany, France, Masijiao (Qingdao) , Austrian Poettinger, Heibei; In component domain, fricker of COBO of CARRARO of DANA of Li Shile of German rich world, Italy, Italy, Italy, Germany, United States the abroad name look forward to such as Peele will cut a figure first.

Exhibit meeting general to reveal those who come from Europe a series of cultivating, pasturage equipment and technology, if German gas attracts type,machine of precision drilling machine, results of silage of combine harvester, self-propelled, green harvests mechanical, potato to classification technology, and beet results, cereal chooses, deposit and dryer; Dutch sows, cultivation, irrigate the equipment, special technology that with the vegetable between Yu Tian cultivation, plant protects and equipment; Drill of machine of results of baler of system of transmission of machinery of Italian tractor, results and component, grazing, potato, rotary tillage machine, motivation make
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