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Yunnan: agricultural information service network in the next 5 years will cover
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Reporter learned from the Agriculture Department of Yunnan Province, "Twelve Five" period, Yunnan Province will further improve and perfect the agricultural market information system, promote circulation of agricultural products, by 2015, agricultural information service network will cover all the counties, townships and 90% more administrative villages. It is understood that "second Five-Year" period, the Yunnan Province will accelerate the upgrading of market infrastructure, improve the service functions of the market, expanding the market area of operation, establish and improve a modern logistics and e-commerce and other modern marketing methods of distribution as a precursor to wholesale market center to fair trade market-based, rational layout, advanced facilities, functions, mechanisms, operations s pecifications, competitive and orderly market system for agricultural products. Accelerate agricultural information infrastructure, implement the "digital village", "gold farming project", "Three One" and other agricultural information technology projects, development of integrated information resources, construction, improve application service system, set up to apply the system as the core to information resources development, integration, based on the information transmission network as the carrier, to agricultural and rural economic monitoring and early warning, market supervision and public information services as the main feature of the agricultural information systems and to improve the capacity and level of information services. According to the plan, by 2015, the province will build 10 wholesale markets of agricultural products, the renovation and expansion of 100 professional market of agricultural products; the province's agricultural market transactions amounted to 1,500 billion yuan; agricultural information service network covers all the counties, towns and more than 90% of administrative villages, towns, villages two members of rural information respectively 5.