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Sanjiang County subsidize the purchase of policies to boost significantly impro
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This year, Sanjiang County, county government closely around the agricultural sector in developing agricultural production characteristics, featuring leading industry of agriculture, seriously implement the purchase of agricultural subsidies, Sanjiang County Agricultural Machinery Bureau of use policy advantages, the use of radio Television and other media, and in-depth in villages, farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and extensive publicity, mobilization of farmers, agricultural cooperatives purchase initiative to accelerate the introduction of farm machinery and equipment in Sanjiang County, and the pace of new technology applications. 2010, Sanjiang County, completed the central, regional and municipal purchase of agricultural subsidies 3.2401 million yuan, for all levels of the 108% capital 3,010,400 yuan, of which 3.0107 million yuan of funds with the central, autonomous regions and 156,300 yuan of funds, funds of Liuzhou City 73,100 yuan. The county a total of 15 townships (towns) distribute all kinds of subsidies for agricultural machinery 2608 units, of which: 8 to 15 horsepower tractor 1set, paddy Gengzheng Ji 2163 Taiwan Branch, the harvest drying machine 12, 16, Rice Combine Taiwan, a small Rice transplanter 34 sets, tea processing machinery electric sprayer 1 337 units, centrifugal pump 44 units. Pull Sanjiang County farmers raise 6,983,600 yuan purchase of agricultural machinery, 2873 to benefit farmers, but also the establishment of the Sanjiang Mao Shun county agricultural cooperatives, Sanjiang County, agricultural cooperatives ADC, Sanjiang County, a radius of agricultural cooperatives, Sanjiang County, agricultural cooperatives and other beach end of the rice production mechanization 4 mainly agricultural cooperatives, Promotion has achieved good results, according to statistics, an area of 11.8 hectares in 2010 tractor, plowing the level of 81.4%, completed an area of 0.63 million mu of mechanical transplanting rate of 4.3% insert machine, machine income area of 3.55 million mu yield of 24.5 machine %. Rice farming has been a historic breakthrough in comprehensive level of income reached 41.2%. Effectively enhance the Sanjiang County Agricultural Mechanization of agricultural production level, for the construction of new socialist countryside in Sanjiang County, played an active role.