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Grain high production founds an activity to promote our country commissariat to
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The reporter learns from the Ministry of Agriculture: This year in sight of autumn grain bumper harvest, annual commissariat hopeful comes true since reforming and opening successive 5 years of increase production. The Ministry of Agriculture expresses about chief, grain high production founds what the activity serves as new breed, new technology to reveal platform, in commissariat of stimulative our country production stabilized respect of available supply of food of development, safeguard to produce crucial effect.

According to introducing, the Ministry of Agriculture will establish an activity as high production of grain of “ whole nation 2008 year ” , in countrywide commissariat advocate produce an area to build 500 10 thousand mus of high grade high yield establish demonstrative point. Each district also begin high yield to found the important grasper that produces as development commissariat, aggrandizement organizes leader and policy to give aid to. If Guangdong saves finance,high production of special arrangement grain founds funds 30 million yuan, jiangxi saves finance to arrange high production of 40 million yuan of grain to found funds, make the high yield of every county founds funds not less than 500 thousand yuan. According to statistic, each district founds special fund to throw more than 200 million yuan to high yield this year. Each district still establishs high yield to establish technologist guidance group, issue instructor opinion in time, itinerate instructor is begun in crucial farming season. Strengthen a technology to groom, “ of big thrust wide corn is added 4 change “ of ” , paddy to be added 4 push ” , wheaten “ move after two late ” and nitrogenous fertilizer, potato “ the crucial technology such as a kind of one ill ” .

The data of the Ministry of Agriculture shows, high yield founds mobile emerge in large numbers to give typical cases of a batch of 10 thousand mus of high yield, drove area to balance increase production, stimulative character synchronism promotes. 143 wheat set an example 10 thousand mus a place county wheat is average mu produce amount to 419 kilograms, than going up year raise 26 kilograms; 63 10 thousand mus of early rice set an example a place county early rice is average mu produce achieve 427 kilograms, than going up year raise 8 kilograms. Set an example a wheaten and high grade rate amount to 70% above, 10 taller than be not demonstrative area percent above; Early rice sets an example a high grade and special breed enclothe rate achieve 90% above, 20 taller than be in a county percent.