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Sun Zhengcai: Make the good repair that suckle a station stoutly this tough figh
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This net dispatch: On September 22, the Ministry of Agriculture is mixed jointly with industry informatization ministry, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Health, country is industrial and commercial the branch such as total bureau of total bureau, national qualitative check, hold a grandma to stand jointly conference of video of special punish action, fulfil requirement of the Party Central Committee, the State Council seriously, carry out stoutly " general office of the State Council is good about be being done further incident of infant milk powder deals with working announcement " spirit, arrangement deploy begins the whole nation to suckle a station in the round special punish acts. Sun Zhengcai of minister of Ministry of Agriculture asks in the speech on video conference, each district must stand in the height of politics and overall situation about the branch each, insist to be in office for civilian tenet, with the the the the most determined manner, steadiest style of work, rigiddest discipline, strongest step, cogent strengthen grandma station to clear rectify and control government, ground of one hundred percent is finished consolidate the operation each task, normative milk industry produces normal order, protect supply of market of grandma farming interest, safeguard hard, ensure the health that suckle course of study stabilizes development.

After incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card happens, door of Ministry of Agriculture is mixed according to center deploy requirement, act quickly, answer actively. Ministry of Agriculture for many times urgent hold a standing conference and special subject meeting, in establish lash-up to answer working group of Ministry of Agriculture for a short while, give out continuously produce quality safety to superintend about strengthening grandma giving birth to delicacy further, strengthen feed quality to safety is superintended and ensure grandma farming increase is steady further the urgent announcement such as the production that suckle course of study, expedited superintend and director of 6 production that suckle course of study quickly to guide group drive go to the grandma owner such as Heibei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang to produce province area to begin superintend and director to guide the job, hold the whole nation to strengthen industry of supervisory management, stimulative milk to stabilize health to develop video conference, assist Heibei to strengthen butt joint of produce and sale, do one's best reduce grandma farming loss, jointly with concerned branch seasonable research gives aid to milk industry produces the policy measure of development. The State Council will make clear requirement, the State Council to lead a comrade to emphasize technically on September 20, take the lead by the Ministry of Agriculture, clear jointly with what strengthen pair of grandma stations about the branch rectify and control government. Sun Zhengcai emphasizes, this is the accredit of the Party Central Committee, the State Council to pasturage vet branch and great trust, various agriculture department must adamantine, fine long hair finishs this one glorious and formidable job explicitly.
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