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Village of big Miao Jin is the new thinking that accelerates construction of new
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One, survey gain on the spot

2008.8.24~29 day, I rest to yellow hill city peaceful county looks around make an on-the-spot investigation. 25~27 day key observes garden of agriculture of glow brook zoology, live inside garden two constellation, looked two days half, saw kind of its seedling ground, the edge looks, the edge listens, the edge asks, made clear the working achievement that builds garden more than 5 years to come. This garden runs grow seedlings base in all 340 mus, have barren mountain additionally 1092 mus (close with the person establish a garden, already grew one share, co-worker is his hire hands formerly, have barren mountain access. I saw co-worker, but did not go the orchard looks) , introduce careless variety of fill of 201 kinds of tall, it is admirable, among them fruiter 76 kinds, this oil plants cultivates wood 10 a variety of, zoology breed more than 10 kinds, construction zoology court uses 30 a variety of, plant of indoor zoology environmental protection 23 kinds, biology earth pesticide a variety of, precious rare tree is planted and be in severe danger the tree is planted also have a batch. Joyful is, the Mu Jin with the sweetest plant sweet-scented osmanthus on the world, the largest amount yield a flower, nutrient value is maximum the fullest tomorrow page, to “ crowd of 3 tall ” saves heart grass benignantly, still have the plant with plant fiber better material, introduce come and dimensions bred, anyhow, here centered the breed of home's most outstanding many sided. For collect they, garden host went around the whole nation 5 many years, very painstaking, the word that uses employee says: The white hair grow in quantity on head of “ old boss ” .

The host of garden of agriculture of glow brook zoology calls Chen Guanghui, this year ability is 43 years old. Do tea to export the business so, so-called tea king, made many money, the life is very advantageous. He not with this complacent and self-sufficient, want to repay tea grower, be determined to transform tea garden to increase tea grower income, pondered over a variety of transforming mode, concern tall fill careless breed by this collect, found garden of this zoology agriculture undertakes breeding. Year after year adds introduce a fine variety, the nursery that builds the earliest, what tall fill grass assembles is very good, very satisfactory.

The original intention that I inspect this also is understanding tea garden transform a problem. Our country is the country of origin of tea, more than 1000 counties, 8 thousand person is engaged in tea production, tea garden area amounts to 1.45 million hectare. If transform hind one mu can have 3~4 mu income, all be an important matter to the country to tea grower, more important is, our country tea will weigh Zhen Xiongfeng, enter European market afresh.

Chen Guanghui is transformed to tea garden confident, next year spring enters executive phase, transform tea garden first more than 10 mus, establish model, progressively promotion. Cease peaceful county has 200 thousand mus of tea garden, if transform a success, will rise to urge action tremendously.
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