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International paddy institute appeals: Increase agriculture to invest integrated
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The international paddy institute that electric headquarters establishs our newspaper Manila in Philippine capital Manila makes a statement 21 days say, at present global grain production is in ” of crossroad of a “ , if do not increase the integrated investment to agriculture, future still can appear again the case that commissariat price rises considerably, and may compare the situation this year more serious.

International paddy institute says, agricultural productivity growth is slow increasing continuously with demand is this year the main reason that violent wind of international grain price rises. This year May, the price of every tons of rice reachs the international market for a time 1000 dollars, although the near future drops to be controlled to 700 dollars, but double before still be a year about. White · Woods emphasizes Yi Lisha of chairman of board of international paddy institute, improving agricultural productivity is to ensure the only way of provisionment, and the effort with this need long-term course just can come true, because this must have durative investment to agriculture. These investment should be omnibus, include pair of agriculture infrastructure not only transform, the investment that still includes to increase pair of agriculture scientific research.